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DUCK (Tobacco Is Foul) at Lexington Elementary

by Kathleen Boettcher, LES Counselor

On Tuesday, January 25, 2011, the students of Lexington Elementary School enjoyed an educational presentation entitled “DUCK (Tobacco Is Foul).” Students learned the true costs of tobacco, both physically and financially. The presentation incorporated music, video clips and fun which engaged the students. Students were shown visual aids depicting the dangers of tobacco products and learned about the health effects of tobacco. There was a crew of tobacco fighting characters. The MC (Mr. Tshaw Beyonce) role played scenarios with students which involved making the right choice. The Cheerleader (Ms. Whitney Burleson) taught the students “ways to say NO” using cheers. The Coach (Mr. Scott Moore) used physical drills to show the students what it’s like to have decreased lung capacity due to smoking. The DUCK (Mr. Aaron Glover) was up front and center during the entire presentation. The presentation was a great learning experience for the students of Lexington Elementary School.

Photos by Patricia Scantlin, LES Teaching Assistant Photos by Patricia Scantlin, LES Teaching Assistant

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