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Four Local Fires in Three Days

Burn Ban Reinstated
by Michael Milburn, Lexington VFD Assistant Fire Chief

On Wednesday, January 26, the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department was called out to a small grass fire at 2520 FM 3403 on the George English property. LVFD responded with two units manned by Jarrett Ahrendt, Mickey Milburn, Robert Mack, and Chris Billings. The fire was started by a controlled burn and burned approximately two acres.

The following day, Lexington firefighters were called to a large grass fire at 1039 CR 316, which started on the Zschech property, spreading to the Meyer, Kleinschmidt, and Herklotz properties. It burned about 30 acres and jumped FM 112 before it was stopped. LVFD responded with four units manned by Trey Bell, Allen Retzlaff, Robert Mack, Jarrett Ahrendt, Mickey Milburn, Chris Billings, and Daryl Shed. Blue VFD responded with one unit manned by Ben Burg and Bill Turner. Tanglewood VFD responded with two units manned by Guy Hall Jr., Guy Hall III, Daniel Voiles, and Eugene Mayfield. Firefighters suspected the fire was started by burning a small trash pile.

On Friday, January 28, Lexington VFD again was called out to fight another large grass fire at 2049 FM 696 West on the Brad Voight property. It burned about 15 acres and crossed one fence before it was stopped. LVFD responded with three units manned by Allen Retzlaff, Michael Milburn, Chris Billings, Rodney Qualls, Rick Issacks, and Mickey Milburn. Tanglewood VFD responded with one unit manned by Guy Hall Jr., Guy Hall III, Steve Baklik, and Rick Murphay. TVFD was called due to another call that came in almost simultaneous with this one for a fire in the Brademan addition north of Lexington. That fire was a burn ban violation that was not an immediate threat. Once that was resolved they continued on to help us with the fire on FM 696 West. We believe the fire was started by spontaneous combustion in a trash pile.

On a positive note to this past month and the large number of fires that we have responded to requiring mutual aid is that it has given us a lot of field time with our neighboring fire departments and improved our abilities to work together. LVFD would also like to thank County Judge Paul Fischer for reinstating the outdoor burning ban on Thursday, January 27, 2011.

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