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January 23, 2011
By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Even though hunting season is over, let’s not forget about hunters and shooting enthusiasts who still occupy the woods searching for feral hogs and firing hundreds of target rounds. Most people wait until after the season to hog hunt or target shoot so as not to disturb those deer hunting.

Landowners are concerned their domestic animals are in the firing line and for good reason; each year, animals, especially cattle, are found dead on their property. When hogs take off running, a hunter cannot guarantee every one of their rounds will fall safely.

Hog hunters justify hunting practices by damage done to fields, hay meadows and wild and domestic animals; and they’re right. In general, hogs need to be pressured to stay away, but really, it’s like trying to rid ones property of fire ants, they’ll just show up somewhere else.

Shooting enthusiasts have one thing in common; they love to shoot their guns. They shoot more than a hunter sighting in a rifle or kids plinking with a .22. They shoot rounds by the hundreds because they don’t have any other place to go. Shooting ranges can become expensive and their availability scarce.

For those with a solution, let me know because I can’t always wear a striped shirt and carry a whistle.

For more information, contact me at 979- 540- 0194 or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us.

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