2011-01-20 / Sports

Sports Thoughts........

by Mike Organ

I wonder if the Super Bowl will be any good this year? The only team with any national charisma is the Green Bay Packers. The Bears, Jets, and Steelers are not nationally popular teams.

Idalou is 16-1 in basketball and ranked second in the AP poll. They must have had some excellent athletes that were not on the football team. They played in the state basketball tourney last year with five sophomores that started as juniors on the football team.

The Lady Eagles are undefeated in district play at the APK Center. I wonder if that has to do with the home court advantage or the difference in the officiating at home versus on the road?

The one thing I can say about the officiating is that it is consistently inconsistent. A hand check on one end of the court is called but on the other end it is called good defense.

The Lady Eagles have played three quarters of good basketball in the last two games. The fourth quarter, usually the third, they have played like they did not have a clue, making physical and mental mistakes that are frustrating for Coach Starnes.

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