2011-01-20 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

January 10, 2011

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to a residence in Lexington after a caller reported that his barn had been broken into. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

Several motorists reported two horses out in the roadway on Hwy 77 South. Chief Deputy Kothmann located the horses and ran them off the road.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9- 1- 1 hang up call. Deputy Crockett was dispatched to the residence and reported everything was okay.

Deputy Allen assisted DPS Trooper Weiser on Hwy 290 East after a vehicle ran off the road and into a ditch. There was no property or vehicle damage so a wrecker just pulled out the vehicle.

January 11, 2011

Deputy Ray assisted B& M Ambulance on a call on Bryan Street. The subject was transported to the hospital.

A caller reported a stranded motorist on Hwy 290 approx 1 mile east of CR 202. Deputy Crockett searched the area but reported that the vehicle had left the scene.

Chief Deputy Kothmann checked on a residential alarm in Lexington. The property was searched and everything was found locked and secure. The home owner was notified.

Deputy York assisted a citizen with a civil stand by at a residence on FM 3403. The caller wanted to pick up her vehicle and was afraid that there might be trouble.

A motorist reported a reckless driver on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. The vehicle was described as a dark blue car. Deputy Ray searched the area and the information was passed on.

A complainant reported to Deputy Allen that she was receiving threatening text messages. A report was taken.

January 12, 2011

Deputy York spoke to a complainant regarding some family issues. They subjects were advised that it was a civil matter and they needed to consult with an attorney.

A motorist reported cows out on Hwy 21 near CR 440. Deputy York was dispatched and removed the animals from the roadway.

January 13, 2011

Deputy Ray and Deputy Allen assisted with traffic control at the scene of an accident on CR 309. Starflight was called to transport.

A complainant reported several cows out on the roadway on FM 1624 just passed CR 339. Deputy Lapham responded and ran the cattle into a pasture.

Deputy Lapham responded to a disturbance at Govan’s wrecker yard. The subject was causing problems and refused to leave.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched out to FM 619 @ the Lee/Williamson County line to put up approx 25 head of cows. The cows were run into a pasture. He was unable to locate the owner.

January 14, 2011

A motorist reported a semi truck that was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes. Deputy Lapham reported that a white dually swerved to miss the semi and went into the ditch. A report was written.

A caller reported that a blue Lincoln 4 door car was driving at a high rate of speed and tailgating vehicles. The vehicle was traveling on Hwy 290 East heading westbound. Deputy Durrenberger attempted to locate the vehicle. The information was passed on the Bastrop County also.

January 15, 2011

A resident on PR 3264 called and reported that his mailbox was ripped from the post and taken. Deputy Carvin spoke to the complainant.

Deputy Carvin assisted with a civil standby at a residence on CR 106 while a vehicle was repossessed.

A complainant reported that someone took some items from his farm house on FM 180. Deputy Lapham responded and took a report. Investigation continues on this case.

A motorist reported a ¾ ton truck on Hwy 21 that was swerving all over the roadway. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched and located the truck but advised the vehicle was driving okay.

January 16, 2011

Deputy Carvin assisted GPD at a call on FM 448. The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject stating that she needed help and was suicidal.

Deputy Lapham investigated a Family Violence Assault in Dime Box, no charges were filed.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to a welfare concern in Lexington.

Sheriff’s Office received a call reference to a dead cow on highway 21, Deputy Allen and Deputy Liles responded, removing the traffic hazard.

Jail Count: 01/16/2011 COUNT: 50 Males: 40, Females: 10

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