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My Effort to Help Protect the Environment

Lexington Elementary School student Heather Exner won $5,000 for her school with this essay on protecting the environment:
by Heather Exner
Teacher: Mrs. Spencer, Lexington Elementary

Ever since I was five years old I have been asking myself, how can I help protect the environment? Now, at the age of ten I have started to take action.

I started to protect the air a long time ago, but now I learned how I can make the things I do better than they already are. My uncle is a mechanic, he modified our car to run on vegetable oil. The fumes that the vegetable oil gives off are not near as bad for the environment as gasoline fumes would be. Every year when we go to the beach, we pile into our car, so we carpool and the car gives off fewer fumes. It’s a two in one! One more thing that my family does to help protect the environment is not use a lot of hair spray, it’s ruining the ozone layer, without it the sun’s rays will burn up everything in sight!

My family conserves energy like nobody’s business! We use solar power, sure it puts a dent in your wallet, but isn’t it worth it to save the environment! One simple thing you can do is turn off your lights when you are not in your room, just a little thing like that can make a big difference! Unplug seldom used appliances, even if they are turned off, doesn’t mean they don’t use energy! My family hasn’t used our toaster in three months, so we just unplug it, by just doing that we saved three months worth of electricity.

You can also use less water, that will help people as a whole because we need water to survive! You can catch rain water, pure water is healthier for plants than regular water, so with pure water you can use less. You can take showers instead of baths, baths require more water than showers, and a lot of it is wasted. Last but not least, do NOT throw trash in the water! This helps the animals in the water too, they could get trapped in it or mistake it for food.

I’ve done all these things and even convinced others to follow in my footsteps. Together we can make a difference, every little bit counts. At least try, no one can do everything to save the environment, but everyone can do something!

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