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Landowner Groups Support Fraser Groundwater Legislation

Thirteen landowner associations and organizations expressed their support today for Senate Bill 332 by Senator Troy Fraser (RHorseshoe Bay). Senate Bill 332 clarifies that landowners have an ownership interest in the groundwater beneath their land.

“Landowner’s ownership interest in groundwater has been called into question in the courts and by some groundwater conservation districts. SB 332 clarifies the law so landowners can be assured that this property right is protected,” said Dave Scott, president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

“Landowners support groundwater conservation districts and helped create them to protect their ownership interests in groundwater, not take them away. We appreciate Senator Fraser taking the lead on this important issue,” Scott continued.

“For more than a century, Texas landowners have claimed the right to the groundwater beneath their land. Senator Fraser’s legislation will make it clear that groundwater conservation districts must respect this property right when enforcing regulations,” said Texas Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke. “As a priority issue, Texas Farm Bureau members appreciate Senator Fraser’s swift leadership on this essential property right.”

“We want to thank Senator Fraser for filing SB 332 to reaffirm groundwater ownership and provide a secure, protectable property right which best assures conservation and stewardship of our groundwater resources,” said Tina Buford, president of the Texas Wildlife Association.

Landowners are encouraged to contact their state senator and encourage them to support Senate Bill 332. Landowners are also encouraged to contact their local groundwater conservation district and ask them where they stand on this issue.

For more information visit www.groundwaterownership.com

Groups Supporting Frasier Bill: Texas Farm Bureau; Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association; Texas Wildlife Association; Exotic Wildlife Association; Riverside and Landowners Protection Coalition; South Texans’ Property Rights Association; Texas Poultry Federation; Texas Association of Dairymen; Texas Cattle Feeders Association; Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association; Texas Forestry Association; Texas Land and Minerals Association; Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

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