2011-01-13 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Coach Mack has scoured the country to find replacement coaches for his staff. The offensive coordinator from Boise State may be the best. He has certainly shown he is innovative over the last five years as the Broncos offense has amazed opponents. I wonder if it took so long because Coach Mack threw several of his former staff under the bus to protect himself.

I read in the Temple Telegram that Giddings’AD and Head Football Coach, Derek Fitzhenry, has applied and is definitely interested in the Temple AD position. Temple wants someone to oversee the entire program. Coach Fitzhenry’s record for all sports in Giddings is outstanding. I know Giddings would hate to lose him, but the Temple job could be a great personal opportunity.

Congratulations to TCU. They proved to everyone that you don’t have to play in such and such conference to have a good football team. Besides, it is nice to have a Texas team in the top five in the country.

Texas A&M started off like a house on fire in the Cotton Bowl. They ended with a burnt house when all was said and done. Tannehill’s magic slipped in a Louisiana Bayou.

With all of Lexington’s success, only Xavier Ward is drawing some interest from recruiters. There are some sleepers in the group that some university could have with no competition.

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