2011-01-06 / Sports

Sports Thoughts.......

by Mike Organ

Basketball season is now fully underway. I hope the Eagles can overcome the late start to be as competitive as they were last season. If the first district game is any indication, they may stumble early but still earn a playoff spot when all is said and done.

How about the TCU Horned Frogs? They succeeded when the establishment did not want them winning. TCU earned a victory over a physically superior team with desire, hustle, and coaching. The Frogs also got most of their athletes from the 4A, 3A, 2A, and A levels that the DI boys shy away from. Kerley was from then 3A Hutto, the stud linebacker from 3A Sweeney. They have taken second tier prospects and developed them into the second ranked team in the nation.

Speaking of prospects, are any of the Eagle seniors being recruited?

The Cowboys and Texans ended the season respectfully. Stephen McGee moved the Cowboys down the field for the winning score when needed with just seconds left. Why did he wait so long?

Who will win the Super Bowl? The season would say either New England or Atlanta, but I think it will be someone else.

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