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More Letters from Lexington’s Second Graders

Dear Santa, How does Rudolph nose glows? How does it snow sata? How is have Mr. Claus been helping you? Where do you live d you live in the northple? Do all of the elves help you Sata? I what a bike for Christas. My sister what a stuf puppy. And my dog What a toy. I Love you Santa. Love, Destiny Flores

Dear Santa, How are the reindeers this Christmas? All I want for Christmas is a chance to be like you. Your friend, Mariah Washington

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer and you and Mrs. Claws? How does Ruidolph’s nose sparkle? And I would like to Barbie, my teeth to fall out, and my built house. Thank you. Sincerely, Brynn Burlin

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? I hope you can make it around the wold. Can I please have a toy Army stuff, monster truck, DS light and lots of other presnts. How are you? Love, Justin Billings

Dear Santa, How are your elves doing at the north ploe? How are you? I want a train for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Joey Tavary

Dear Santa, How are your Reindeer and elves doing? Is Rudolph real? I want a DS, cat, game boy. Can you help my dogs leg get better? Your friend, Blayne Fritcher

Dear Santa Claus, I have been nice this year. I would like a snake for Christmas. I hope the leves have a good time. Say hiy to Mrs. Clous. Your Friend, Preston

Dear Mr. Santa Clause, I love you so much that you can give me some toys. What I wan’t for Christmas is a four wheeler please. My dad want’s a boat. Can you give him on please. I like a hug please. I really want a four wheeler for Christmas really bad. Your Friend, Shelby Dear Santa, How are your reindeer and Mrs. Claus and your elves and you to? I only whnt two things and that is an ipod and a phone, but my parents won’t let me have one. I really want one. I can’t wait for Christmas I love you Santa and all yor reindeer and your elves and I you love me to and wait are you doing in the North pole I wait to know. Love Your Frend, Savanna Clopton

Dear Santa Claus, How are the reindeer doing? Is it cold at the North pole? I would like a ipod shuffle for Chrstmas. Are you and Mrs. Claus warm? Are the elves tired? How many presents have the elves made in all? Do ya’ll put up a Christmas tree at the North pole? Your Friend, Ellie

Dear Santa, I love how you deliver presents to every one! I think that you are very nice by giving everyone a gift. This year for Christmas I would like a microscope kit and if you can’t get me that than I would like a Liv Girl. It’s my nature set! Thank you! Love, Maggie W.

Dear Santa I want a racing game that steers to play on the tv and I want a remote controlled jet and a boat can you give me all of these toys? I have been good this year. I do what I am supposed to do. Love, Chris

Dear Santa, Will you give me a present. May I have a xbox game. Crackdown 2. And another game Dragon Quest on DS. Will you Please give me those games. I have been a really good boy You friend, Trevor

Dear Santa, How are you, Mrs. Clas and the reinder doing at the Noth Pole? Would you get me a twoforotythree. Santa would you please get me it please Santa would you get transformrs for wii I wish you a Merry Christmas at the Noth Pole. Your Friend, Braden Dear Santa, I would like to have a bell off your sleigh and I know you talk to mom’s, even my mom. I would like an ipod and I would like to meat you. I would like to go to p.e. everyday. Love Your frind, Ian

Dear Santa, When will you be back delivering the presente? I think the reindeer are sick. Santa for Christmas can you make me 2 presents please. How is Mrs. Claus doing/ I wish you were in my school. Your Friend, Aaliyah

Dear Santa, Hey Santa What are y doing in the Nothple? How are you and the raindeer a Mrs. Claus. What are you doing at the workshop? Your Frend, Abby

Dear Santa, For Christmas can I have an ipod shuffle and just an ipod? Oh and I want for Christmas is a Des and I want a little fake dog that is cute. Please santa can I have a another fake dog that is very cute please? Your Friend, Taralyn Barrow

Dear Santa, How is it up at the north Pole? Can you please give my brothers Peyton and Dylan a picture of Jesus? How is Rudolph and the other reindeer? How are the elves? What is the most important elf? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Sincerely, Alyssa

Dear Santa, I want a puppy for Christmas I want a blanket and a bunnie and a hamster too thay are all sweet to me I also I want a teddy bear because it is soft to me merry Christmas. Your Friend, Miranda

Dear Santa Claus, How are the reindeer doing? Is it cold at the North pole? I would like a blue ipod shuffle for Christmas. I want a little puppy for Christmas and a bed for my puppy. I want a toy for cupcake. I want a movie called Rat Towley and new doll house for Christmas. Your Friend, Mia

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