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Letters and Art from Lexington’s Second Graders

Dear Santa, Can you get dog candy a new toy bone? I would like a new helmet. Please give sister a makeup kit and mama a scarf. Can I have a bolt toy? My favorite song is Jimgle Bells. Please get my little toy puppy shirt and pants. Your friend, Emily Bass

Dear Santa Claus, I have ben good this year and I wan’t a puppy and kitty and then I’ll be perfect That’s how I want my Christmas. Your Good Girl, Hayden

Dear Sant Claus, How are you doing in the North Pole. How are the reind, elves, and Mrs. Claus? I named my elf Junior. How many hours to Lexington? Your Friend, Trey Woods

Dear Santa, How is Ms. Claus doing? This is what I want for Christmas. I want ultra marines, Blood Angels and wood elves. There is a lot of other thing that I want, but I only can name three. Are your reindeer doing ok? I bet they are. This is the biggest question of all time. How do you fly around the world so fast? Do you freeze time? Sincerely, Luke

Dea Santa, How is Mrs. Clous doing? I wunt a DS a wii and a deck of pokemon cards How are the reindeer? I hope you have a nice Christmas. Luve, From Christian Santa, Thanks for what you gave me last year. I’m doing grat. How is Rudolph. How is Mrs. Claws and you. I want an ipod, DSI with games and 8 pretty dolls. Love, Rainey Dear Santa, I want my Barbie to have different clothes and my puppy toy to have a fancy coller. My bunny toy needs lots of fake carrots. I hop you have a great day in the northpole. Samantha Dear Santa Claus, I hope you are doing good. I have been good. I would like a chuck doll, wii game and love from my parents. I love you Santa Claus. Love, Ashley Mcvanid

Dear Santa, Can I have a x box 360 games DS games and a blizzard machine? How are your reindeer? I am in 2nd grade trying to be good. Love, Jacob

Dear Santa, How are you doing today? I’m doing fine. How is Mrs. Claus doing good are bad? For Christmas, I would like a wii, a DS, and a special Christmas. Justine

Dear Santa, How are your elves doing? How are you doing? Pleas will you get me a Boe and Arrow, lego piarate ships and a ninga zhu zhu pet. Love, Jayden Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are the reindeer? I wonder what it is like at the north pol. I want a ipod, a real miniature horse and $9.99. Sincerely, Savannah Adams

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am doing fine. I am in second grade this year. I would like a Ipod, and Ipod touch, and a camera how is Mrs. Clows? Love, Faith Dear Santa, How are you doing? How are the reindeer? I would like a cat, ball, and a dog for Christmas and have a great life. I hope the reindeer get a good night sleep for Christmas. Love, Sam Dear Santa, I am in second grade now and I realy love Christmas. Please bring Christmas here. Can you bring me snowboard, a set of roller skates and a eco eco mp3? Please if you can’t just bring me anything. Love, Brandon

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like an Ipod, phone, and some fluffy boots. So how are you and Mrs. Claus? At home I just reep thinking when you are coming. I’m jumping, singing, and screaming. I get really hiper when it’s December too. Merry Christmas. Your friend, Elexus

Dear Santa, I am trying to be very good. I would like a truck and a new bike. Thank you, Garrett Ramsey

Dear Santa, I want a blizzard maker, a zoo zoo pet and a xbox 360. How are your reindeer Santa? How is Mrs. Claus doing? I hope Jeffery is doing good this year. I hope I am on the nice list and not on the nody list. Your Friend, Alice Mary Christmas

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I hope you have a good trip. How are the elves? For Chistmas I want a puppy, a gatar, and I hope you are doing good. Yoru frend, Kaylee

Dear Santa, My family is doing good and how are you doing? Can I have a skateboard and a DS and xbox 360? Love, Myishen Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. I would like Tangled Toys, a Barbie Doll, a Bike, a Coloring Book, a Picture of you and Mrs. Claus, and clothes for my Puppy, Snoopy. Love, Alaya McKinley

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. I would like a Snow Doll, a Zhu Zhu Pet, a 4-wheeler and a Surprise from you. Love, Allison Crow

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. Please bring me a Snow Doll, a Zhu Zhu Pet, Tangled Toys and a Bike. I will leave you some milk. Love, Savanna McKinley

Dear Santa, How are you? Did you have a nice summer? I have been really good this year. I really want a sling shot and a Bike. I hope you have a safe trip. Love, Bryer Carter

To: Santa I want this for Cristmust. I want a razor squetor that has a seet. I want a phone. From: Kobie Dear Santa, You’ve been nice to me. And I like the stuff you give me. I want go’go my walking pup. But Christmas is not about toys. It’s about Christ Jesus. I am Abbie Horne. I am in second grade at St. Paul, Serbin. I live in Giddings, Tx.

Dear Santa, Please bring me a new bike. My new bike was stolen. My papa bought me a new bike because made a 100 on my spelling test. My sister Stacey is writing this for me. Stacey wants clothes and a gift card to Bealls. Your Friends, Stacey and Ike Washington Dear Santa I want Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum. It’s a PC game. Please make sure it’s PLATINUM!!! I think I’ve been good this year. I can’t wait until Christmas. I’ve bought all the presents for my family. For an early Christmas Present me and my brother did the lights for mom and dad. Can’t wait until you come. Thanks. Savannah Dear Santa, How are you? I want a Logo Boba Fett’s ship and Scribble Nauts DS game. Merry Christmas. Wyatt Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a tricycle for me to ride. My little brother Emmett would really like a Jackin the-box. Love, Eli Lerche

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