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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I mailed several Christmas Cards to family members on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010. They all contained Gift Cards. One of the Cards was received on Wednesday and had been ripped open and placed in a plastic Post Office envelope with a note that it had been damaged, but the Gift Card was missing.

When I contacted the local Post Office, I was told there was nothing they could do about the missing Gift Card. I then called an 800 number for the Post Office and was told the same thing. When I asked what they did with Gift Cards that this happened to, they stated, “We send them back to the origin of purchase”. Right, and I was born yesterday.

After this experience, I think that I will not utilize the U.S. Postal Service any longer. And they wonder why they are going broke. It’s not really hard to figure out.

It makes you wonder how many other people this happens to during the Holiday Season, when several Christmas Cards are mailed and a vast majority contain Gift Cards. Do they fold them to see if a piece of hard plastic is inside? It would be easy to detect if an envelope contained a Gift Card, or Credit Card by folding it.

I urge everyone “DO NOT MAIL GIFT CARDS.” Laverne Martin, 1004 Cherry Drive,

Lexington, TX 78947

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