2010-12-16 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Lexington-Refugio game afforded me a sight I have never seen in a football game. On the last kick off of the game, a Refugio player tackled his own player on purpose. Why? To save time on the clock I suppose.

Refugio’s coach took a lot of criticism on the various forums about his decision to call a fake punt on fourth down at his own 38-yard line. It changed the game from a 10-9 Refugio lead to a 24-10 Lexington lead at halftime. Coaches make decisions and have to live with them. The folks that write the forums are the experts, after the fact.

The Eagles are a class-act group. Refugio gave them every opportunity to lose their cool with their late hits and cheap shots. Lexington never took the bait, behaving gentlemanly throughout the game.

This was copied from Texas2afootball.com

“I’ve been deer hunting in east Texas for 20 years and watching 2-A football all around the sate for longer than that. I promise you that I can name 3 districts in the ET region where the top 3 teams could give Refugio a run for their money and they, other than a bump in the road here or there, dominated R4. And I know R4 has won a state title in 2-A football before but a blind hog will find an acorn every once in a while too. I watch ET 2- A and even 1-A religiously because I hunt on the heart of that region. I’m telling you that the best 1-A team in that region gives R4 2- A champ a run for their money year in and year out. Hey, I’ve talked to these kids before and they can hardly put a sentence together and most towns are Jeff Foxworthy research projects. But when it comes to Friday night lights, it’s a whole different brand of football up there. When Lexington SHUT OUT the ET champ like they did, I knew this game was over. That’s why I had to make the drive to see the Refugio Basketball Shoe Unveiling Ceremony.”

The Lady Eagles, meantime, are carving out a good season. They are 10-3 for the season and started district play Tuesday night in Thorndale.

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