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Lexington Middle School Academic UIL Results

Students from Lexington Middle School competed in the annual Academic UIL Meet last week. The results follow:

Editorial Writing 7th Grade: Bailee Smith – 4th; Garlyn Radford – 6th

Editorial Writing 8th Grade: Alyssa Dussetschleger – 2nd

Editorial Writing 8th Grade: Alyssa Dussetschleger – 2nd

Ready Writing 6th Grade: Ryan Garrison – 2nd; Courtney Strain – 3rd; Kynslie Meyer – 6th

Ready Writing – 7th Grade: Xena Briones – 2nd; Melanie Scantlin – 3rd; Karsen Ross – 4th

Ready Writing – 8th Grade: Alyssa Dussetschleger – 1st

Spelling – 6th Grade: 3rd place team - Dessiny Turk, Sarah Rearick, Dallas Garza

Spelling – 8th Grade: Samuel Meza – 5th place; 3rd place team - Samuel Meza, Logan Lee, Colby Johnson

Music Memory – 6th Grade: Mariah Garza – 2nd place; 3rd place team - Dessiny Turk, Mariah Garza, Autumn Purcell, Angelica Salomon, Allyson Biehle

Science I – 7th Grade: Jason Winkler – 1st; Alex Demeree – 5th; 1st place team - Emily Gregg, Jason Winkler, Alex Demeree

Oral Reading – 6th Grade: Amanda Zgabay – 2nd; Halle Mitchell – 5th; Shelby Iselt – 6th

Oral Reading – 7th Grade: Tristin LaGrone – 4th

Art – 6th Grade: 3rd place team - Cynthia Boyer, Hunter Dill, McKynzie Jackson, Catherine Siegmund, Steven Butler

Art – 7th Grade: Meagan Gonzalez – 1st; Chelsye Hammond – 2nd; 2nd place team – Meagan Gonzales, Chelsye Hammond, Vanessa Molina, Sunny Adams, Matthew Martin

Calculator Applications – 6th Grade: Jaclyn Alford – 1st; Jon Tschepl – 4th; 1st place team – Jaclyn Alford, Kynslie Meyer, Jon Tschepl

Calculator Applications – 7th Grade: Krista Lerche – 1st; Mallory Ender – 4th; 2nd place team – Mallory Ender, Cody Mitchel, Krista Lerche

Calculator Applications – 8th Grade: Maegan Sanders – 2nd; 3rd place team – Johnny Otte, Megan Rother, Maegan Sanders

Impromptu Speaking – 7th Grade: Sara McManus – 3rd

Impromptu Speaking – 8th Grade: Noah Barnikow – 4th

Maps, Graphs and Charts – 6th Grade: Amanda Zgabay – 1st; 2nd place team – Catherine Siegmund, Amanda Zgabay, Kynslie Meyer

Maps, Graphs and Charts – 7th Grade: Kyle Brewer – 1st; Eric Koch – 2nd; 1st place team – Kyle Brewer, Joseph Kelley, Eric Koch

Maps, Graphs and Charts – 8th Grade: 3rd place team – Jason Handrick, Kaylee Kenney, Taylor Tovar

Modern Oratory – 7th Grade: Sara McManus – 1st; Adam Voiles – 2nd; Luke Brown – 3rd

Modern Oratory – 8th Grade: Caitlin Sherrill – 1st; Colby Stamport – 4th

Number Sense – 7th Grade: Logan Ragland – 3rd; Amber Turnipseed – 5th; 2nd place team – Amber Turnipseed, Vance Kassner, Logan Ragland

Number Sense – 8th Grade: Jason Mann – 5th

Dictionary Skills – 6th Grade: Rachel Zgabay – 1st; Tanner Towery – 3rd; Courtney Strain – 4th; 1st place team – Rachel Zgabay, Tanner Towery, Courtney Strain

Dictionary Skills – 7th Grade: Kyle Brewer – 5th ; Melanie Scantlin – 6th; 3rd place team – Kyle Brewer, Melanie Scantlin, Krista Lerche

Dictionary Skills – 8th Grade: Maegan Sanders – 1st; Kaylie Komandosky – 6th; 3rd place team – Maegan Sanders, Kaylie Komandosky, Caitlin Sherrill

Listening Skills – 6th Grade: Jacob Townsend – 1st; Rachel Zgabay – 3rd; 1st place team – Jacob Townsend, Rachel Zgabay, Jon Tschepl

Listening Skills – 7th Grade: Karsen Ross – 2nd; Kate Drosche – 3rd; 1st place team – Karsen Ross, Kate Drosche, Ivy Armendariz

Listening Skills – 8th Grade: Chris Hasskarl – 5th

Mathematics – 6th Grade: Nathanael Clifford – 3rd; Barrett Lerche – 5th; Joshua Lopez – 6th; 1st place team – Nathanael Clifford, Barrett Lerche, Joshua Lopez

Mathematics – 7th Grade: Gem Brewer – 2nd; Makayla Woodward – 3rd; 2nd place team – Gem Brewer, Makayla Woodward, Amber Turnipseed

Mathematics – 8th Grade: Maegan Sanders – 2nd; Alyssa Dussetschleger – 6th; 2nd place team – Maegan Sanders, Alyssa Dussetschleger, Kasey Smith

Social Studies – 6th Grade: Rachel Zgabay – 5th; Laine Bownds – 6th; 2nd place team – Rachel Zgabay, Laine Bownds, Caleb Flowers

Social Studies – 7th Grade: Kate Drosche – 3rd

Social Studies – 8th Grade: Chris Hasskarl – 2nd; Clay Brockenbush – 4th; 2nd place team – Chris Hasskarl, Clay Brockenbush, Jason Mann

Team Point Totals: Rogers – 929.8; Lexington – 734; Cameron – 580.5; Thorndale – 515.5; Harmony School of Excellence – 65; Harmony Science Academy – 32.6

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