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From the Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frances M. McArthur, PhD Lexington ISD

I continue to be on cloud nine over our Lexington students’ performance last week both in and out of the sports arena. I am so very proud of our Lexington Middle School Students who excelled in the Middle School Academic UIL Competition. I want to congratulate Ms. Garrison, our middle school principal, and the LMS faculty and staff who were all committed to take our students to the next level in academic competition. As I have mentioned before in this column, in Lexington ISD, we recognize that the TAKS test is a very minimal measure of what we want our students to achieve.

Our students are capable of much much more than merely doing well on the state assessment. Competition for jobs in our students’ generation will be much tougher than it has been in ours. We understand the importance of ensuring our students excel academically. They must stand out amongst their peers academically and be ready to be successful in the career of their choice. Middle School staff all participated in working with our students so that all students could work towards competing. Preparing for this academic competition, beyond their classroom responsibilities, required a lot of extra work from our staff and our students. It has pleased me greatly to observe some of our middle school students sitting in the stands during volleyball and JV football games watching siblings play as they studied their flash cards for their academic competition. How awesome to see those parents and students recognizing the importance of competing in academics, as well as the volleyball/basketball court and football field.

Regarding the amazing performance of our LHS football team, many people have asked me about providing a bus for fans to attend the State Semi-Final Football Competition in Houston this Saturday. It has been awesome to see the turn-out at all of our away football games this fall and the wonderful support this community provides for our students. We are thrilled to provide the opportunity for senior citizens and others who would like to attend the game on Saturday to ride a fan bus. Two buses will be available to leave from LISD next Saturday at 2:30 pm. There will be a charge of $9.00 per person (just enough to cover the cost of gasoline) to ride the fan bus. If you are interested in riding the bus, please sign up at LHS before 12:00 noon on Friday. I was told last Friday night that a few years back when Lexington was in the playoffs, most of the town went in support of our team and someone left a sign at the edge of town asking for someone to turn off the lights:) Another example of the wonderful community spirit Lexington is known for and that I have come to love!

Frances M. McArthur, Ph.D.

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