2010-12-02 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Wasn’t it a great sports holiday weekend? Even if your team did not win, the games were all competitive and most were not decided until the last few minutes. The Alabama-Auburn game was one of the best. When Auburn came back from 24-0 to win 28-27, it was probably the most exciting.

The interception play by the Oklahoma State defensive back was one of the greatest you will ever see. Jumping high in the air, out of bounds, and batting the ball to a teammate inbounds was astonishing. It was great in slow motion replays and fantastic at full speed.

Lexington got the upper hand on Corrigan Camden quickly in the first quarter and kept pouring it on. The scoring was like a snowball going down hill. 42-6 in the first half in a third round playoff game is rare.

The Aggies have finished their turnaround with a 9-4 season. They will get a good bowl game out of their effort. It is too bad they did not start one game sooner. They could be in the Big XII championship.

The Longhorns did not make any changes like the Aggies and Cowboys did. They just kept losing and not making plays like on Cyrus Gray’s long run where he was basically untouched. I wonder if Muschamp is still the golden boy of the future?

The Lady Eagle basketball team is making some good showings. I hope they can be very competitive in district action after the tourney season that gets underway this week.

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