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Come in and visit our non-fiction area. The Handbook Of U.S. Labor Statistics: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, And Other Labor Data by Mary Meghan Ryan is recognized as the authoritative reference on the U.S. labor force. The content and formats will allow users to make logical comparisons and time analyses. Encyclopedia Of The Solar System by Lucy-Ann McFadden, Paul R. Weissman and Torrence V. Johnson offers a clear description of the many objects that make up our solar system. This is the perfect reference book that is richly illustrated and well written. Organic Methods For Profitable Farming by Ann Larkin Hansen is your one-volume guide to growing, certifying, marketing organic produce, grains, meat, and dairy. Ann Larkin explains how to shop for equipment, grow crops, raise animals, protect your water supply, preserve biodiversity, and sell your organically grown products.

The Criminal Law Handbook By Paul Bergman will teach you how the system works, why police, lawyers, and judges do what they do and—most important—what you can do to limit the harm. This book allows the average person to navigate the complex maze of the criminal justice system and understand exactly what goes on in a criminal case. Canning And Preserving with Ashley English is a comprehensive and wonderful guide for preserving and enjoying the results of your harvest. Here is a book that will make it fun and simple even if you are a beginner. Ashley English offers tips and how-to-steps that are easy to follow plus profiles of home canners. The Ultimate Medical Encyclopedia by Martine Podesto is a must for your family. It is the essential home reference to medical conditions, illnesses and the body’s systems and ongoing good health. It features hundreds of photographs and medical conditions that explain the human body. It details more than 400 medical conditions from the most common and benign to the rarest and most serious.

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