2010-11-25 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Who will win the game Thursday? I think A&M will win the game because they are on the upsurge and Texas is finishing the season. Coach Mack says they need a bowl game to get in the extra 15 days of practice. It hasn’t helped this year.

The Lady Eagle basketball team is scoring very well early in the season. I hope they can keep it up the entire season.

Lexington, Burton, Cameron, and Thrall are the area teams still in the football playoffs. Rogers, Hutto, Rockdale, Giddings, Milano, and Buckholts have dropped out. Lexington, Burton, and Cameron have an excellent chance to go all the way.

How about the Cowboys? Jason Garrett could have been the coach a lot earlier if Jerry would have made the move. I think he waited two weeks too long to make the decision. Those two weeks could very easily cost a trip to the playoffs.

The Texans’ late game collapses are becoming a regular happening. I wonder why a team continually folds its tent late in the game. Character?

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