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Lexington Police Report

November 20, 2010

Lexington Chief of Police Randy Davenport Lexington Chief of Police Randy Davenport On Saturday, November 20, at approximately 12:10 p.m., Officer Raney and Chief Davenport received a phone call from a reliable source. The caller told officers that a citizen told him of a burglary in progress at a corner house located at Hale and 5th Street in Lexington. Officer Raney and Chief Davenport responded to the location.

Upon arrival at approximately 12:13 p.m., Officer Raney parked on the southeast corner of the garage. As both officers made their way up to the house, the officers could hear male voices coming from within the garage area. Both officers opened the gate to the back yard and proceeded along the south side of the garage.

A sign was seen posted on the door, which was standing open. The sign read “DO NOT ENTER AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY-VISITORS REPORT TO OFFICE”. The officers entered into the door and observed two males sitting on the floor painting bicycles. The officers inquired as to how the two gained entry into the door and both males replied they had been doing this for some time now and they had pushed the door open.

When the officers asked them if they saw the sign on the door, both males replied they did not think it applied to them and they did not think they were doing anything wrong.

The officers were able to identify both males by sight. The subjects were arrested and transported to the Lee County Jail where they were booked for Criminal Trespassing.

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