2010-11-18 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

November 8, 2010

The Sheriff’s Office received a burglar alarm at a business on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Ray responded and the building was checked and found to be secure. The key holder was notified.

A complainant called and reported that her son was at her residence and was drinking. She told him to leave but he refused. Deputy Allen was dispatched to CR 410 in Lexington and the subject left without incident.

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Allen responded to a disturbance on CR 308. A caller reported that her live in was asked to leave and would not. The complainant called back and reported that he had left and she no longer needed a deputy to respond.

November 9, 2010

A caller reported that her son was having mental issues again and threatening to harm himself. Chief Deputy Kothmann, Deputy York and Deputy Crockett responded to the call. The subject agreed to get help and was later transported to Austin by Deputy Crockett.

Deputy York and Deputy Crockett responded to a residence on CR 442 in Dime Box after a mother requested assistance with her adult daughter who refused to leave. The matter was resolved.

A complainant reported that his truck caught on fire and was fully engulfed on Hwy 21. Deputy York responded along with the fire department. The driver was given a courtesy ride to the Sheriff’s Office so he could wait on family members to pick him up.

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler had a blow out and was partially on the highway. Deputy Allen was dispatched and assisted with traffic control until the truck could be moved.

November 10, 2010

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to a residential alarm in Lexington. The residence was found to be secure.

A caller reported that there were 3 dead cows on CR 119 between FM 141 and FM 180. Deputy Crockett was dispatched and the commissioner was notified. The cows could not be located.

Deputy Durrenberger assisted with a civil standby at a residence on Hwy 77 South. The subject gathered his belongings and left the residence without incident.

A caller reported that she had locked her keys in her car along with her 9 month old child. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Crockett were dispatched. The caller was able to get the vehicle unlocked and EMS was dispatched to make sure the baby was okay.

A complainant reported that she was pushed and shoved by her husband. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Durrenberger responded to the call. Both parties agreed to separate for the night.

The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a lady advising that she went to pick up her car and her nephew refused to give it to her and drove off. Deputy Durrenberger took a report and charges are pending at this time.

Deputy Lapham assisted with a civil stand by at a residence in Lexington. The complainant wanted a witness while he picked up his dog from his ex-wife.

A caller reported that her exhusband showed up at her residence and was not supposed to be there. Deputy Lapham responded to the call on CR 430. It turned out to be a child custody issue and the father would leave and return the following day to pick up his son.

Captain Gonzales took a report from a subject regarding theft of her guns. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

November 11, 2010

A caller reported that he struck a pig that was on Hwy 21. Deputy Liles responded and advised the damage was minimal and advised the driver where to pick up a blue form.

Chief Deputy Kothmann checked on a business out on Hwy 290 West after the Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call. The building was found secure.

A motorist reported cows out on the roadway on FM 141 at the second bridge. Deputy Lapham responded and ran the cattle into a pasture.

A resident on CR 219 reported a suspicious silver Ford truck driving around their neighborhood. A license plate was given to Deputy Lapham and Deputy Durrenberger who searched the area.

November 12, 2010

Bastrop County transferred a 9- 1-1 call to Lee County. A driver was reporting a gold Tahoe was driving recklessly and were forcing people off the roadway. The vehicle was last seen on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. Deputy Easley and Deputy Carvin located the vehicle near Hwy 290 @ Hwy 77. The driver was checked and released.

A burglar alarm was called in at a business in Lexington. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched. Everything was secure and the alarm was activated due to the weather only.

November 13, 2010

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a subject advising that his wife’s blood sugar had dropped very low and he was unable to bring it back up. B&M ambulance was dispatched to the address on Richmond St.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Liles regarding a UPS package that was delivered to her residence while she was gone. The package was signed for by an unknown person and she never received it. Investigation continues on the case.

A caller advised that her dad had run off the road and struck a tree on CR 322. Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ray responded along with Trooper Manner. The driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Deputy Allen checked for a car that was reportedly broken down on FM 180 approx 3 ½ miles off of Hwy 290. The vehicle had left the area prior to his arrival.

A caller reported that approx 15 people were fighting at the Jackson Store. The complainant was unsure if any weapons were involved. Deputy Lapham, Deputy Allen and Deputy Ray responded. Everyone involved had left the scene.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Lapham assisted Lexington after a caller reported a disturbance between a female and a male. Everything was okay. It was a verbal confrontation only.

An anonymous caller reported hearing someone yelling and screaming at the Shady Oaks division. Deputy Ray drove around the area and was unable to locate anyone screaming.

November 14, 2010

Deputy Easley was dispatched to a residence in Lexington after a caller reported that someone had broken into her residence. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that her neighbor on CR 118 took some dogs and now is complaining because they are tearing up her yard. Deputy Ray was dispatched and the matter was resolved.

A motorist reported that he hit a deer west of Giddings and drove to the Lee County General Store. Deputy Ray stood by until a trooper arrived.

Jail Count:

11/14/2010 — 40

Males: 35 Females: 5

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office employees would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.




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