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Wernecke has Book Published

New book urges citizens to defend America’s founding principles

James D. Wernecke James D. Wernecke This U.S. Citizen: Thoughts and Concerns of a United States Citizen by James D. Wernecke argues that citizens as well as taxpayers should become more involved in the political process. In it, Wernecke seeks to identify the factors that made the United States a preeminent superpower and warns against recent trends that he believes are leading the country in the wrong direction.

According to Wernecke, elected officials can no longer be trusted to represent the interests of the American people. Citing recent history as evidence, Wernecke contends that the U.S. is facing mounting problems for which the average taxpayer will be expected to bear the cost. The solution, Wernecke argues, lies in citizen oversight of the government. He urges readers to become informed on the issues, get involved in the process and stay involved in the long term.

“I was inspired to write this book by the town hall meetings I attended in 2009,” Wernecke says. “I felt that elected officials treated hardworking, average citizens with contempt and dismissed their concerns as to the direction of our country. It was my duty as a citizen to voice my concerns.”

The book includes a discussion on Benjamin Franklin and his concerns for the future of liberty in America. It also aims to describe the mentality of early Americans and how their outlook kept the country strong for future generations. Based on that premise, Wernecke offers suggestions for policy changes that he argues would set America back on track to greatness.

Wernecke is a former financial advisor and U.S. Marine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and a graduate degree in business management. During his military service, he took part in several humanitarian missions including a hurricane response and rescue operation in the Caribbean Sea. He lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife of 10 years and newborn twin daughters. This is his first book.

Wernecke graduated from Lexington High School in 1988 and his mother, Conneene Bradshaw Woodworth, still lives in Lexington.

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