2010-11-18 / General Stories

From the Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frances M. McArthur, PhD
Lexington ISD

In today’s technology driven, television screened in world, it is awesome to see children moving and getting their blood pumping so their brains can function at their best. Earlier this month, our Lexington Elementary School PTO hosted a Freedom Walk/ in honor of Veteran’s Day. The students walked and ran to raise money for our school. This week is another big week for health and fitness at Lexington Elementary School. Our elementary students will be taking their physical fitness pre-test in PE classes this week. Numerous studies reveal that students who are in the healthy fitness zone perform better in school. Our elementary school students will be taking a pretest next week and a pos-test in May. I want to congratulate our coaches, faculty and staff for emphasizing the importance of exercise and fitness. As I have mentioned before, many schools that garner the academic results that Lexington Schools enjoy, have done so by becoming “test factories”, where PE and recess are ignored. I am pleased that all of our elementary students get recess everyday in addition to the required one hundred and thirty five minutes of structured PE. In fact, Fridays at Lexington Elementary School are running days. All of our students are working on their marathon-kids goal, accumulating miles as they run alongside many teachers and staff.

Parent’s can support their children’s lifetime health choices by encouraging them to take the Fitness-gram assessment seriously, and work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy fitness goal. Lexington Middle School and High School students can look forward to seeing the results of their students Fitness gram from last May enclosed with the threeweek progress report being sent out next week.

As we begin girls basketball season, I want to wish our Lady Eagles good luck this season. also want to wish our varsity football-team the very best as they begin the playoffs.

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