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Land Owners, Watch Your Fences

Lee County Game Warden, Victor Gonzales, alerted land owners this week of possible trespassing and poaching going on in Lee County due to hunting season. Gonzales went on to say that cutting fences and trespassing doesn’t occur just in hunting season, but it seems to be more prevalent at this time of year.

Gonzales said, “Last Saturday morning I observed a few more deer than last weekend being harvested as well as a few bucks continuing to chase does. One illegal deer was seized west of Lexington and several calls about trespassing were investigated.”

“I spoke with a landowner who was upset because someone cut all four strands of his barbed wire fence right down the middle. This usually occurs during hunting season which indicates trespassing, illegal hunting or use of ATV’s through the property. This practice is becoming more frequent because landowners do not check their property lines like they used to. If your property is bordered by tracts of land owned by absentee landowners, I guarantee you already have a problem that hasn’t been found yet.”

“But one might ask, ‘It’s hunting season; how do I know legal shooting from illegal shooting?’ If you suspect illegal activity is taking place, let someone know. We may not catch them right away but I have several tools at my disposal which may increase the odds in doing so. While I won’t divulge all my investigative techniques, I can tell you no call can be answered if no call is made.”

If you have any questions concerning this matter, you can contact Game Warden Gonzales at 979-540-0194.

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