2010-11-11 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Not only was Rogers’ football team a little short of Lexington’s but their train horn was woefully short. The Lexington horn sounds like the local freight is coming and you should get out of the way. The Rogers horn sounds like it should be on a train you find under the Christmas tree.

Can you believe that Giddings is 3-2 in district play and is representing their district as the first place team? The bad thing is they get to play Brookshire Royal who beat them earlier this season and put the Buffs out of the playoffs in the first round last season. Caldwell was 7-0 but had a late season meltdown.

I had a pretty miserable weekend. I watched Texas snore through a loss to Kansas State. Could it be worse? Yes. The Cowboys’ effort or lack thereof, made Texas look energetic. The bright spot this weekend was Texas A&M. Coach Sherman made the change to Tannehill at quarterback and it has provided a spark for the entire team. The Wrecking Crew could be returning after the Ags stuffed Oklahoma three times at the goal line. The Cowboys and Texas won’t make a change to their lineups. Do they like losing or don’t they have any quality replacements?

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