2010-11-11 / Sports

Lexington 8th Graders fall to Rogers

by Dr. Mark Strain

In the 8th grade contest, The Rogers Eagles took the opening kick off and on their first play ran the ball up the middle for a touchdown for an early 6-0 lead. #5 Bryce Shirocky received the kick off from Rogers and was tackled immediately. A face mask call against Rogers, a 33 yard pass to Walt Green and another 25 yard pass to Green put Lexington in the end zone. #45 Tyler Page went up the middle for 2 and gave Lexington the lead at 8-6. Rogers started their next drive but fumbled the ball and #51 Samuel Meza recovered giving the ball back to Lexington on the Rogers 42 yard line. Quarterback W.E. Meuth went 25 yards left and with a 1st and 10 on the Rogers 11 yard line, Tyler Page hammered up the middle 3 times to the 4 yard line to end the first quarter.

With a 4th and 4 to go, a pass into the end zone went incomplete to #40 Bradley Campbell and the ball turned over on downs to Rogers. Rogers recovered their own fumble before running it up the middle 80 yards for their next score. Lexington in turn had a sustained drive with a dropped pass in the end zone before Page ran the last 10 yards for Lexington’s second TD of the evening. The score was now 14- 12 Lexington. Rogers waisted no time taking the next series of plays right down the field capping the drive with a 1 yard TD run to make the score 18-14 with 59 seconds. Lexington on the kick off reversed the ball to #24 Andrew Lane who ran the ball to the Rogers 43 yard line being stopped by the last Rogers defender between him and the end zone. Lexington’s last drive was stalled and they were forced to punt. The ball was bobbled before Bradley Campbell was able to get a short punt off. A flag for roughing the kicker gave Lexington the ball back, but with time running out the half ended 18-14 Rogers.

Lexington received the opening 3rd quarter kick off but was held and punted the ball away. Rogers took the ball and ran 50 yards up the middle and another 3 yards put them in the end zone. They capped it with 3 more yards for the 2 point conversion. 24-14 Rogers. Lexington was held and punted the ball. Rogers waisted no time going right 70 yards for an apparent TD that was called back for a block in the back. A few plays later the Rogers running back probed the middle before bouncing it right for 55 yards and another touchdown and then another 2 point conversion. Rogers 34-14. The 3rd period ended with Lexington moving backwards.

In the fourth Lexington set up in punt formation, but instead threw a 30 yard pass that was dropped thus giving the ball back to Rogers. With the game a foregone conclusion the coaches allowed the clock to run non-stop. Rogers however was able to add one more touchdown of 75 yards coupled with 2 extra points to end the game and the 8th grade season with a final score of 50-14.

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