2010-11-04 / Sports


by Mike Organ

“THE GAME” that most thought would decide the District 12AA-II Championship is to be played Friday night in Rogers. Lexington and Rogers are both 9- 0 and 5-0 in district action. Their scores are similar as Lexington has scored 376 points this season and Rogers 366. Lexington has allowed 72 points and Rogers 152. Going further, Lexington beat Thorndale by 27 points, Rogers beat the Dogs by 20. Rogers beat Franklin 27 points, Lexington beat Franklin by 19. Both teams will go to the playoffs; THE GAME decides who gets to be champion and get a week off before starting the playoff tourney.

The two teams are evenly matched. Rogers may have the edge in a consistent offense and Lexington has a stronger defense. The Rogers offense is consistent and methodical. They run the winged or slot-T formation revived into this generation by the Liberty Hill coaching staff. They run it very well. The offense is run by Ryan Fares, who pitched Rogers to the state championship if baseball by winning the state championship game. Thus Fares has plenty of playoff pressure behind him. He hands off to Ryan Pierce, Ricky Campos, and Cody Wier. The precision in the backfield makes following the ball tough on defensive players.

Rogers will come to the line of scrimmage quickly and snap the ball just as quick as they can, sometimes not coming completely to a stop, as required by rule, before the ball is hiked. Lexington coaches are concerned about this ploy that goes uncalled most of the time.

Defensively, Rogers will try an odd-man front against Lexington. With Lexington’s multiple offense and many different ways to attack, Rogers’ defense will be tested. Rogers returns only four starters on defense, and yet have given up only an average of 17 points a game. Lexington is averaging giving up eight points a game.

This should be a battle royal with the winner deserving a week off to prepare for the next game. Lexington should have an edge defensively and Rogers should have an edge offensively. The two teams have a long history of competitive games in recent history. Look for the same, played at a higher level this year.

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