2010-11-04 / Sports

MS Football News

by Dr. Mark Strain

A combined 7th and 8th grade Lexington football team was host to the Bulldogs of Thorndale on Thursday October 21st. Thorndale was able to jump out with a 13 yard reverse to the left side to score the first points of the game. It was followed with a 2 point conversion to put the score 8-0. Lexington’s #40 Bradley Campbell took the kick off down the field for a nice 30 yard gain and then followed it with a 15 yard pass reception before the first quarter ended. In the second quarter with Lexington advancing, a pass into the end zone was intercepted by Thorndale. On the very next play, Thorndale swept to the right for 80 yards and another touchdown. Running back up the middle made the score 16-0. Thorndale kicked a squibb kick that trickled all the way back to Lexington’s 15 yard line before being covered. Tyler Page had a nice 15 yard run up the middle before Lexington was held and the ball was turned over on downs at the Lexington 40 yard line. Thorndale drove the ball to the Lexington 28 and fumbled and it was covered by Lexington. #24 Andrew Lane was able to get the corner on the right side and ran 65 yards for Lexington’s first score. Quarterback W.E. Meuth tacked on a hard gained 3 yards for the conversion and with 2:13 left in the half, it was 16-8 Thorndale. Lexington kicked off short and Thorndale took over on the 50 yard line. The Bulldogs ran a 10 yard pass, a 15 yard pass and a 12 yard run up the middle on their way to their next score. That with a 2 point conversion ended the half with a score of 24-8. The second half of the game was a near stale mate with Throndale scoring one more time in the 3rd causing the eventual score of 32-8 Thorndale over Lexington.

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