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Brazos Valley Soil Analysis Campaign

Oct. 28 - Nov. 18, 2010

Economical concerns are always on the forefront of the minds of agriculture producers. When considering the costs of fertilizing, soil sampling makes good sense. Not to mention making sure that your crop has adequate nutrients to remain viable and/or achieve its production potential.

The Brazos Valley Soil Analysis Campaign provides local producers the opportunity to have their soil tested to determine its current nutrient level and receive a rec- ommendation to improve the fertility required to produce the best crop possible. Samples can be submitted from any field used in agricultural production (pastures, hay meadows, row crops, gardens, etc.).

The testing campaign run from October 28 through November 18, and offers reduced cost testing. The cost for a routine test will be $6 and a routine plus micro-nutrients will be $10. All soil samples and forms must be submitted to the County extension office. Samples must be accompanied by the appropriate form to receive reduced cost.

In exchange for the reduced testing cost, certain information regarding your agriculture land will be required. Some of the requested information includes: the amount of acres the sample represents, your planned fertilizer application for the coming year, your crop and yield goal, and if the soil had been sampled in the past three years.

Sample results will be returned to the Extension office for distribution to the producer. Information generated from these reports will be utilized in educational programs at future Extension sponsored meetings. Contact the Lee County office of Texas AgriLife Extension Service for more information on this great opportunity.

Keeton Ehrig is the County Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, in Lee County. (979)542-2753 or visit the Lee County office at 310 S. Grimes Street in Giddings.

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