2010-10-28 / Sports

Results of the 2010 Chocolate Dash 5K

The top 25 runners in this year’s Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Dash 5K are listed here: 1st Brandon Rhodus from Lexington; 2nd Mike Flores from Amarillo; 3rd Phyllis Kleinschmidt from Lexington; 4th Robert Woehlke from Manor; 5th Kolton Allen from Lexington; 6th Steven Barnett from San Antonio; 7th Skyler Austin Maldonado from Elgin; 8th Donald Boriack from Lexington; 9th Heidi Olson from Austin; 10th Katie Sorenson from San Antonio; 11th Elizabeth Selman from Lexington; 12th Travis Cummings from San Marcos; 13th Emily Wiggington from San Marcos; 14th Kara Iselt from Lexington; 15th Karen Barton from Cypress; 16th Phillip Eberez from Lexington; 17th Payson Eberez from Lexington; 18th Jacqueline Kunkel from Round Rock; 19th Layne Dussetschleger from Lexington; 20th Julie Dussetschleger from Lexington; 21th Ronald Zoch from LaGrange; 22th Genevieve Eberez from Lexington; 23th Meadow Stanley from Lexington; 24th Kim Dowdy from Lexington and 25th Monica Eberez from Lexington.

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