2010-10-28 / Sports

Lexington JV Stuggles Against Thorndale

by Mark Strain

Lexington’s Junior Varsity player, Zachary Lay, is seen running a punt return back to the 45 yard line during last Thursday night’s game against Thorndale. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN Lexington’s Junior Varsity player, Zachary Lay, is seen running a punt return back to the 45 yard line during last Thursday night’s game against Thorndale. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN The Lexington JV started their game by receiving the opening kick off with #9 Zachary Lay returning the ball to the Lexington 45 yard line. The first play from scrimmage had quarterback Eric Mitchell fumble and Thorndale recover. Thorndale proceeded to march down the field including a 23 yard run around the right and then a 3 yard run up the middle for the first score of the night. 6-0. For the conversion, the Thorndale quarterback handed the ball off to the running back who dropped the ball only to have the Thorndale quarterback pick it back up and throw a completed pass out in the flats. 8-0 Thorndale. On the next set of downs, with Lexington driving Eriq Mitchell rattled off a nice 40 yard run, only to fumble again on the ensuing play and having Thorndale once more recover. Thorndale ran a team left set with six players off set. A back went in motion right, took the pitch and then threw a half back pass down the field. Thorndale capped off the drive with a 4 yard pass, but then failed to convert on the extra point. The score stood at 14-0 with 1:35 minutes left in the first. On Lexington’s next drive with 11 seconds left in the first, Mitchell ran the ball 43 yards around the left to score Lexington’s first touchdown. #22 Stevie Burleson added 2 points by running right and the score changed to 14-8 Thorndale. Lexington teed the ball and kicked ....out of bounds. Thorndale asked for a re-kick 5 yards back and Lexington obliged by teeing it up and kicked the ball ....out of bounds. Thorndale asked for Lexington to kick again and they did. This time Thorndale received the ball on the 43 yard line as the first quarter expired.

After trading possessions, Zachary Lay had a nice 42 yard punt. Thorndale took the ball and went left 48 yards for another touchdown adding a 2 point pass to make the score 22-8. Lexington later on the Thorndale 30 yard line, had Mitchell pass to Jamyson Scott for 14 yard and then Burleson tacked on a nice 15 yard run to get it 1st and goal on the 1 yard line. A quick pass to Noble Little on the left who was able to stretch the ball across the goal to score the second touchdown for Lexington. Half time ended with a score of 22-14, Thorndale.

Thorndale received the opening third quarter kick off and started driving down the field when they fumbled and Lexington recovered. Thorndale held Lexington and then started a sustained drive that ended in the Lexington end zone as Zachary Lay picked an interception and returned it to the 2 yard line. Lexington was held and Lay punted another 41 yard punt to turn the ball over and end the third period.

The first play of the fourth period had Thorndale fumble the ball and it was covered by Lexington’s #57 Cameron Janda. The Thorndale defense stepped up held and forced another turn over on downs. Thorndale proceeded to march down the field capping the drive off with a 4 yard touchdown run. 28-14 Thorndale. With the game winding down, Lexington was on a good drive when #24 Jacob Snyder catches a pass and runs 30 yards down the field, but then fumbles trying to gain extra yards. Thorndale recovers the ball and ends the game. Thorndale over Lexington 28-14.

Nate Holcomb, Kevin Page, Marcus Cassasas, Corey Strain, Colt Sunvison, Allen Junek and Christian Green all had important contributions as well.

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