2010-10-14 / General Stories

From the Mayor’s Desk

by Robert Willrich, Sr.

The Lexington City Council will meet in Regular Session on
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, at 6:00 p.m., at the Woodson
Community Center.
1. Call meeting to order.
2. Welcome guest.
3. Citizen input.
4. Approve minutes of the following meetings – Sept. 8th and
15th, 2010.
5. Discuss and possible action to approve paying bills for the
month of September 2010.
6. Discuss and approve audit report from City Auditor Seidel,
Schroeder and Company.
7. Glynda L. Mercier P.E. would like to talk to the Council
about water resources planning and modeling.
8. Discuss and possible action on approving ordinance
appointing the Mayor as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of
9. Discuss and possible action to renew meter readers
10. Discuss and possible action on setting lease amount for
the Woodson Property located on Rockdale Street between
the Woodson Community Center and Lexington Auto.
11. Reports: A. Financial/Budget Reports – Pam Cox
B. Police Report – Chief Davenport
12. Adjourn.
Note: City Council may go into executive session on one or more of
the above agenda items, in accordance with the Open Meeting Act,
Government Code, Chapter 551.

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