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Battle Cry to Protect Ground Water

On Tuesday, September 21, Aqua Water Supply Corporation hosted the first Central Texas Water Forum in Smithville, Texas. More than 400 people attended the event, which featured Dr. Ron Kaiser from Texas A&M University, House Representative Bill Callegari from District 132 near Houston, and House Representative Tim Kleinschmidt from the local District 17 as speakers. Aqua Water Supply General Manager, Bill Loven, was the closing speaker.

Dr. Kaiser addressed water challenges facing the southwest United States mentioning that Texas is the only state that allows citizen input into water allocation. Representative Callegari covered water issues across the state of Texas. Representative Kleinschmidt addressed water challenges in his district, including Lee and Bastrop counties. Loven closed with the specific challenges confronting Aqua Water Supply and competition with the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA) for local groundwater.

Loven said, “Water is the genesis of life. No water, no life. No water, no community. No water, no economic development. No water equals no future. Few subjects are as sensitive to Texans as the issue of water. The GBRA wants all of the water available in Bastrop and Lee counties and they have no concern about leaving our local communities high and dry. The only thing standing between the water needed by our local farmers, ranchers, businesses and homesteads, and the powerful reach of the GBRA, is the tiny Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District. This is going to be a classic David versus Goliath contest, but the outcome is far from certain.”

Loven continued, “There are a number of ways you can help oppose the GBRA Simsboro project. We encourage supporters to contact their legislators by telephone or personal letters are best.”

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