2010-09-23 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

September 13, 2010

A resident on CR 105 reported that his neighbor’s horses are on his property again. Deputy Crockett responded to the scene and the horses were returned.

Deputy York took a criminal mischief report on CR 433 after a complainant reported that several items had been damaged on his property.

A caller reported that he had left his truck on the side of the road on FM 696 because it had a flat tire. When he returned the next day his vehicle was gone. The truck was entered as stolen. Investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Lapham, Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ray responded to a call on CR 301 after a subject reported that a man was trapped under a shredder. Justice of the Peace from Lexington was called to the scene as well as Phillips & Luckey funeral home.

September 14, 2010

A motorist requested assistance changing her flat tire on Hwy 21 just east of Hwy 77 in Lincoln. Deputy Ray assisted.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to an alarm on CR 426 in Dime Box. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Easley responded and advised copper wire had been stolen. The case is currently under investigation.

A concerned citizen reported that there are several horses starving on some property on CR 127. Deputy Crockett was dispatched and reported that approx 6-7 horses are on the property and appear to be in bad shape. The horses are in the process of being picked up and charges will be filed against the owner.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to Hwy 77 to search for a stranded motorist. The area was searched between 1624 and Hwy 21 and the vehicle had left the area.

A caller reported that a grey older model Bronco was parked on PR 2904. Deputy Lapham and Deputy Allen located and stopped the vehicle. All occupants were identified and released. They advised they were looking for a friend’s house on PR 2904.

September 15, 2010

A motorist reported several cows out on FM 141 @ CR 123 in Dime Box. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched and removed the cows from the road.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Durrenberger assisted with a funeral escort for Phillips & Luckey from Immanuel Church to the Giddings city cemetery.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female stating that deputies were needed immediately at a residence on PR 4262 and then the phone was hung up. Deputy Easley and Deputy Durrenberger arrived at the scene and spoke to the complainant who advised that someone was causing problems and refused to leave. The subject was issued a criminal trespass warning and told not to return.

A caller reported that a black Mercedes was traveling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound and nearly forced her off the road. Deputy Easley located the vehicle at a stop sign in the city.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to a large grass fire off of CR 221. South Lee County Fire Dept and Giddings Fire Department were sent and were able to get the fire out.

A caller reported that her 16 year old foster son had run away from home. A description was given to Deputy Lapham. The complainant called back and advised that he had returned home.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a complainant advising that her soon to be ex-husband had broken into her house. She advised that he was not living in the residence and had moved in with his girlfriend. Caller requested a civil stand by while she gathered her belongings until the back door could be fixed. Deputy Aderhold assisted.

September 16, 2010

Sheriff Meyer, Deputy Easley and Deputy Durrenberger assisted with a funeral escort from Serbin to the main entrance at the Giddings City Cemetery.

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to put up cows on CR 309 north of FM 696.

A caller reported that she saw someone walking around the Globe Hill Baptist Church. Deputy Allen searched the area but was unable to locate anyone.

September 17, 2010

A motorist reported a red truck pulling a trailer was traveling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 77. The caller stated that the vehicle cut him off near CR 114. Deputy Crockett attempted to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to search for three suspicious subjects walking along FM 180 @ Hwy 290 East. The area was searched but they were not located.

A caller reported that horses are out approx 3-4 miles out of Giddings. Deputy York responded and put up the horses.

A motorist reported that a white Chevrolet truck had its flashers on and was swerving all over the roadway. The vehicle was last seen on Hwy 77 South. Deputy York located the truck at Hwy 290@ Hwy 77. Everything was okay.

A caller reported that there were three cows out on FM 112 just past the Y in Lexington Deputy Ray put the cows up.

Deputy Ray put two cows up on CR 409 half a mile off of Hwy 77.

Deputy Ray responded to a call about somebody tearing up their neighbor’s house and yard. Upon arrival to the residence the caller advised that she was calling about her neighbor’s septic system she was referred to the constable.

A caller requested that we transport a mental patient to Houston on a white warrant. Deputy Aderhold was sent.

Dispatch received a call that some people where shooting guns on PR 7015. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray responded to the call and advised that it is legal to shoot guns on your private property in the county.

Deputy Ray assisted Lexington Police Department with a call about two kids smoking dope on a porch in Lexington.

A motorist requested assistance in changing her tire Deputy Ray went to assist on Hwy 21.

September 18, 2010

A caller reported that there was a young woman walking on CR 203 about half a mile off Hwy 290. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray were unable to locate the woman.

Received an alarm call from Brinks Security for a residential alarm on CR 127; Deputy Ray and Deputy Aderhold responded to the incident. The alarm was set off by the owners of the residence by accident.

Deputy Crockett is investigating mailbox damage on PR 1162, CR 216, and on CR 309.

A motorist reported that a donkey was on the road at FM 180 and CR 126 Deputy Crockett removed the donkey from the road.

Deputy York and Deputy Durrenberger conducted a funeral escort from the Bateman Center to Copper Cemetery on FM 3403.

A motorist reported a horse out on Hwy 21 near CR 453; Deputy Durrenberger was unable to locate it.

Deputy Liles put a calf up on FM 141 just north of the Red Barn.

A caller reported that there was somebody shooting a high caliber gun near their house Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to the area. The caller called back to report that it was just fireworks.

A motorist reported a suspicious vehicle on CR 414 described as a dark in color pickup and when the caller approached the vehicle, it sped off. Deputy Aderhold was unable to locate the vehicle.

September 19, 2010

Deputy York was dispatched to put up a horse on Hwy 21 just west of the Middle Yegua Creek.

A motorist reported 3 cows out on FM 3403 appox 1 mile off Hwy 77. Deputy Durrenberger advised that upon his arrival the owners had put up the cows.

A resident on CR 118 called and complained that her neighbors were shining a light on her house. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched and reported that he watched the residence for approx 20 minutes and was unable to locate anyone shining any lights.

A motorist reported that a large SUV was swerving all over Hwy 290 East heading westbound. Deputy Liles and Deputy Aderhold attempted to locate the vehicle. DPS located the vehicle near the bowling alley. The driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Jail Count:

09/19/2010 — 41

Males: 37 Females: 4

The Bluebonnet Crime Stoppers paid a $600.00 reward for information that led to the Arrest of 1 individual on the Top Ten Wanted list in Lee County. Crime Stoppers works.


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