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Taco Pizzas
by Chef Deedle

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like pizzas. They are so versatile, the ingredients that are used as the toppings area so simple, no-recipe is required. Just throw 3 or 4 vegetables together, chicken, sausage, or ground meat, any kind of these and salsa or pizza sauce and top a refrigerated crust with it. Be creative. Your family will think you’ve been to Pizza Hut.
Taco Pizzas
(Enough to make 2 pizzas)
1 lb ground pork or sausage
1 (1.25 oz.) package 40% less sodium taco seasoning mix
2/3 cups chicken broth
½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 (11 oz.) can Mexican-style corn, rinsed and drained
1 (10 oz.) can mild diced tomatoes and green chilies
1 ½ - 2 cups (6 oz.) shredded Colby-Monterey Jack Cheese
1 (24 oz.) pkg prebaked pizza crust
1 (16 oz.) can fat-free refried beans
Toppings: sliced green onion, shredded lettuce, sour cream

1. Cook pork or sausage in a large skillet over medium-high heat, stirring until meat crumbles and is no longer pink; drain well on paper towel. Wipe out skillet with a paper towel. Return pork to skillet; stir in taco mix and 2/3 cup chicken broth; cook according to package directions on seasoning mix. Remove mixture from heat; and stir in chopped cilantro and next 3 ingredients.

2. Place pizza crust on baking sheets. Spread half of beans evenly over each crust, leaving a ¼ inch border around edges. Top beans evenly with pork mixture.

3. Bake, one pizza at a time, at 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes or until thoroughly heated and cheese melts. Remove from oven and let stand 5 minutes. Serve with desired toppings.

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