2010-09-16 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

September 6, 2010

A motorist reported that a vehicle was in the ditch at Hwy 77 @ CR 327. Deputy Liles was dispatched and located the vehicle. The driver was sleepy and pulled over to take a nap.

A motorist reported that two dually pickup trucks where racing on Hwy 290 east. Deputy Durrenberger caught up with the vehicles and they were driving correctly while he was behind them.

Caller reported that somebody stole the copper wire out of a radio tower, Deputy Carvin was dispatched. The tower was in Bastrop County the call was transferred to them.

Received a call about a suspicious blue and white pickup on FM 2239; Deputy Carvin and Deputy Durrenberger located the vehicle. It belonged to the coowners of the land.

Deputy Carvin put some cows up on FM 112, half a mile from the Y.

Deputy Carvin removed some cows from the roadway on FM 696 four to five miles east of Lexington.

A motorist reported some debris in the road on FM 696 West. Deputy Carvin was unable to locate it.

Deputy Durrenberger and Trooper Harris worked a one car accident on Hwy 21 near Elm Creek Café. No injuries were reported.

Deputy Carvin and Trooper Harris worked another one car accident on Hwy 21 just west of Dime Box. The car hydroplaned; no injuries were reported.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Durrenberger responded to a house fire on CR 123. The fire was started by a trash barrel.

Deputy Ray put a cow up on FM 141 one mile south of Dime Box.

September 7, 2010

Dispatch received a 911 hangup call. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched. All was ok.

Deputy Aderhold was unable to locate three donkeys on FM 696 east.

Deputy Crockett responded to a welfare concern on Cr 316. Everything was ok.

Deputy Crockett worked a minor accident on Hwy 21 in Lincoln.

Trooper Weiser worked a one vehicle accident on Hwy 21 east when a vehicle hydroplaned off the road. The driver was ok.

Caller reported a horse on the side of Hwy 290 west near the bowling alley. Deputy Ray was dispatched. Deputy advised that the horse was tied up.

Deputy Ray was unable to locate a red Camero driving recklessly on Hwy 290 east.

Motorist reported that he had a blow out. Deputy Allen went to assist the caller.

Caller reported that somebody was chasing her on CR 316. Deputy Ray and Deputy Liles were dispatched. The caller was ok and nobody was seen chasing her.

September 8, 2010

Deputy Aderhold went to an accident on Hwy 21 just east of Walch Store. The driver was ok.

Deputy Crockett went to check out a vehicle on the roadway. The vehicles back bumper was on the white line. Will check back to see if it has moved and if not it will be towed.

Deputy Crockett put up 10-12 cows on FM 3403 about half a mile from Hwy 21.

Caller stated that somebody was camping out on his property and he wanted them removed. Deputy Crockett removed subject.


Deputy Carvin located a suspicious vehicle on the corner of FM 696 and CR 308. The driver was waiting for someone that lived down that road.

A residential alarm was received on CR B. Deputy York and Deputy Durrenberger went to check on the residence. The lock appeared to be tampered with but they were unable to tell if anything was missing.

Deputy York took a report on a missing grey horse on CR 317 near Lexington.

September 9, 2010

Received an alarm call for the Leesure Lanes. Deputy York responded everything was ok.

A hold up alarm call was received for the State Bank. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy York went. The alarm company called back and advised that it was a false alarm.

Deputy Liles was able to locate and stop a suspicious vehicle on CR 203. The drivers advised that they pulled over to get a drink out of the cooler.

Trooper Weiser and Deputy Liles were sent to CR 207 for a one vehicle accident. The vehicle was not in an accident it just got stuck in the mud.

Caller reported that her neighbor’s dogs started growling and nipping at her daughter while she waited for the school bus. Deputy Crockett took the report.

September 10, 2010

Motorist reported a stalled out semi-truck on Hwy 77 in front of the High School. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy York worked traffic until the vehicle was removed from the road way.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy York were unable to locate a suspicious vehicle on CR C.

Deputy Gonzales helped resolve a civil dispute on CR 127 about a lock on a gate that keeps getting removed.

Caller reported a suspicious ¾ ton black pickup on CR 412. Deputy Aderhold located the vehicle and they were just talking to a friend.

September 11, 2010

Caller reported a vehicle in a ditch with the doors open and keys in the vehicle. Deputy Aderhold had the vehicle towed.

Deputy York put a cow up on Fm 141 just south of CR 116.

Received a call on a suspicious vehicle on CR 133. Deputy York went to check it out. The driver was taking a nap and everything is ok.

Deputy Lapham took a report for a dog bite to an older lady on the left forearm. The dog is current on shots and will be quarantined for ten days.

September 12, 2010

A caller reported that a large tree was down in the road on CR 326. Commissioner Bradshaw was notified.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to FM 696 West approx 1 mile from the Yegua to put up some goats that were out.

A citizen reported that his 1 year old was locked in his car. The vehicle was parked on Cuero Street. Deputy Carvin assisted and was able to unlock the vehicle.

A motorist reported that a maroon Chevrolet was swerving on Hwy 77. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and followed it but did not see any traffic violations.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to a residence on CR 309 after a caller reported that his son-in-law was at his house and threatened to break his neck. The caller just wanted the threat on record and did not wish to file any charges at this time.

Jail Count:

09/12/2010 — 34

Males: 32 Females: 2

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