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A new fall soccer season has begun and members of the U12 Lee County Angels started their run with two wins! Pictured above are members of the team. Left to right, they are Natasha Thiele, Courtney Strain, Vivian Ratcliff, Hannah Kipp, Janay Wilson, Jasmi

On Wednesday September 8, 2010, at 9:37 p.m. the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a call for welfare concern on Barbara Scallions. According to the caller Scallions had called them on Tuesday stating that Raymond Kruger was holding her at gun point and not to call the police because he would kill her.

Scallions made another call on Wednesday to say that if she was not heard from by 6 p.m. to call the police. The caller was unable to reach Scallions by phone and was concerned that something had happened to her.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers went to a location on CR 114 in Lincoln to set up a command post to determine where Scallions and the suspect could be.

Sheriff’s officers went onto the property that is located approximately ¾ mile off CR 114 on PR 1148 to determine if anyone was around the residence or if any vehicles could be located. While officers were on the property and on CR 114 a vehicle drove onto the property and to the residence. An Officer made contact with the victim, Scallions, and was able to get her away from the residence to see if she was alright and to find out where the suspect could be located. It was determined that Kruger was inside the residence in an attic and was armed with unknown type weapons.

The Sheriff’s Department, along with several Texas Rangers set up a perimeter around the residence and tried to establish a line of communications with the suspect. At about midnight, officers were able to communicate with Kruger from the front door and tried to persuade him to come out of the residence without his weapons. Talks lasted until 6 a.m., when it was determined that the suspect was not coming out of the residence.

It was decided that at around 8 a.m. that O.C. gas, which is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes tears, would be used to extract the suspect from the residence.

At that time, a D.P.S swat team that was on the scene fired between 15-20 C.S. rounds into the attic. The Giddings Volunteer Fire Department and B & M Ambulance Service were called for a standby. Kruger came out of the attic without incident after a short period of time. Two handguns (22automatic and 380 automatic) were found at the crime scene.

Kruger, age 49 who was living in Lexington at the time, was arrested for Violation of Protective Order/Stalking and Aggravated Assault and placed into the Lee County Jail.

Sheriff Rodney Meyer said, “All officers involved did an outstanding job. The main objective was to extract the suspect without injury to himself or officers.”

Officers involved included Sheriff Rodney Meyer, Chief Deputy Charles Kothmann, Captain Adam Gonzales, Deputy Lee Liles, Deputy Derek Easley, Deputy Jack Allen, Deputy Nathan Lapham, Deputy Carey Ray, Ranger Brent Barina, Ranger Cody Mitchell and Ranger Lt. Jim Denman.

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