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State Rep. Kleinschmidt Supports a Stronger Constitutional Spending Limit

AUSTIN, TEXAS — State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt, a member of the Texas Conservative Coalition, announced his support today for a stronger State Constitutional limit to government spending.

Kleinschmidt agrees with the TCC that the current cap allows for too much unnecessary growth in the state’s expenses.

Texas’s policy of fiscal restraint accounts for the enduring strength of Texas’s economy, even during national recessions. Kleinschmidt believes the current limit, while better than nothing, is not enough.

Texas’ Constitution ties growth in government spending to personal income growth: as incomes rise, so does spending. This limit has helped keep spending in line with economic growth, avoiding some of the woes experienced by other states. However, “As Texans’ incomes rise, the need for government services decreases, so government spending ought to fall or remain constant,” Kleinschmidt stated.

A spending limit based on population growth and inflation, like the one TCC proposes, would allow the state to continue to provide services as the population grows. It would also help prevent budget shortfalls, eliminate waste, and generate savings that could be directed to the Rainy Day fund or returned to taxpayers.

State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt represents District 17 which includes Bastrop, Brazos (part), Burleson, Colorado, Fayette and Lee Counties in the Texas House of Representatives, and is a member of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature.

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