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More Texas Word Wrangler books to check out at the library are:

Bringing The Gospel To Texas by Pat Baker Parsons is about the life of William Henry Harrison Biggs (1840-1932). He was born in LaGrange, Tennessee and died in Brownsville, Texas. In between those two dates he lived in an Indian School; grew up on his father’s farm in southwest Arkansas; survived battles in the Civil War; was admitted into the ministry in Arkansas; married twice; fathered more than a dozen children; moved to Texas by wagon; helped to move a town; served as a pastor for more than one hundred churches in Arkansas and Texas; never missed the annual West Texas Conference and was highly regarded by people of the communities where he lived. He preached perhaps, ten thousand sermons in his fifty plus years as pastor. He left quite an inheritance to his state, nation, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Vigilanties To Verdicts: Stories From A Texas District Court by Sheri Knight will keep you riveted to the events of the nineteenth century. Travel with frontier men and women whose stories built the judicial history of a Texas district court. Sit along side the judges on the bench who served to bring order to a turbulent and chaotic time.

Silent Night Deadly Night: McDade, Texas 1883 by Lisa Lach is a very interesting read. Lisa Lach explains’ the vigilante lynching of three innocent men on Christmas Eve, 1883 in the tiny Central Texas town of McDade. Even the most sacred of days in Texas can be just another workday for Judge Lynch and his minions. The true motives for the massacres died out nearly a century ago. Lisa Lach has spent more than a decade uncovering the truth behind the complicated feuds that led to these awful acts. What she uncovered is a fascinating story of power, greed and misunderstandings that began nearly 20 years before that deadly McDade Christmas.

Please come to the 2010 Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival, September 10,2010 at 9:00am to help us Celebrate Our Texas Traditions with a star line up of great authors.

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