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Kleinschmidt Commits to a Conservative Agenda

State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt announced today that he has signed the Pledge with Texans, the legislative agenda of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC), the bi-partisan conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature.

Rep. Kleinschmidt, a TCC member, stated: “Conservative leadership over the past decade had made Texas the most successful state in the nation, proving that the difficult but principled decisions the Texas Legislature has made work to serve the people of Texas. We have received national recognition and praise for our relatively strong economy from numerous sources, including ABC News, CNN, The Economist, The Atlantic, and The Weekly Standard.”

“Moving forward,” Rep. Kleinschmidt added, “we must continue to promote the principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and traditional values.”

Rep. Kleinschmidt continued: “Our state faces many challenges, and the TCC Pledge with Texans is our conservative plan of action. Next session, conservatives must fight to defend and advance our principles as we directly address a revenue shortfall without raising taxes, a federal government that too readily and too frequently intrudes on our liberty, and the challenge of protecting Texans from increasing violence along the Texas border.”

The TCC Pledge with Texans serves as a roadmap for the longterm success of the State of Texas by offering conservative solutions to the five most pressing issues that the next Texas Legislature must address: * Balance the Budget without Raising Taxes* Limit Federal Intrusion* Improve Election Integrity-Voter ID* Cut Taxes* Secure the Texas Border

To date, forty-nine conservative state legislators, including Rep. Kleinschmidt, have signed the TCC Pledge with Texans. Rep. Kleinschmidt concluded: “I am glad to stand with other conservatives to make sure that Texas’ values and principles are upheld as the Legislature tackles the state’s major issues next session.”

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