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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is upon us again and we must shift some of our attention to the possibility of a Hurricane hitting the Texas coast line and affecting Lee County. We need to be prepared not only for heavy weather associated with a Hurricane but also with the traffic congestion that would come from the coastal communities when they evacuate.

It is recommended that everyone have an Emergency Kit prepared with the items on the attached list. Other precautions that should be taken are:

* Move all outside items to safety, such as patio furniture, plants and grills.

* Turn off electricity at the main circuit breakers or fuse box to protect appliances from surges and reduce the risk of live dangling wires after the storm.

* If the house is supplied with natural or propane gas, turn off at the meter or tank

* Fill up your vehicle prior to the storm making land fall, and prior to the evacuees hitting your area.

These are just some things that will better prepare you for the hurricane season. For more information on preparing for a disaster visit www.TexasPrepares.org for information on active Hurricanes I recommend going to the National Hurricane Center Website at www.nhc.noaa.gov.

Delynn E. Peschke

Coordinator, Office of Emergency

Management Lee County, Texas Office: 979-542-1650

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