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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Lexington for over a decade. I am a law abiding citizen and do not need to call the law very often. I obey the speed limits, am courteous to other drivers as well as other citizens. I have seen many police officers come and go in my years here in Lexington. Some needed to go and some I was sad to see leave. One police officer in particular that is truly going to be missed in Lexington is Officer Benjamin Connolly.

In 2006 Officer Connolly received the medal of Valor. For those residents who don’t remember, Officer Connolly responded to a call that involved a shooting. When he and the other officers arrived, the suspect began firing at the officers. Officer Connolly returned fire striking the suspect and fatally injuring him, saving the callers life, the other officers life and his own.

Officer Connolly has always been willing to help anyone who asked. Officer Connolly, you will be missed, and where ever you serve, that community will be very lucky.

Maxwell Rosso

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