2010-08-19 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Eagles looked pretty good against a tough opponent Saturday. If they can continue to improve, the pollsters could be right. The Eagles could move toward the state title with a little luck and no injuries.

The Lady Eagles are off to a good start in volleyball. They are in a tough district to say the least. They are going to have to improve and be consistent if they are to be one of the three teams moving into the playoffs.

The Cowboy offense has yet to score a TD in the preseason games. Is that a sign, or are they trying some new wrinkles that have yet to work? A supposedly Super Bowl team losing to the lowly Raiders should not happen, no matter what string is in the game.

The Texas Rangers are still in the lead in their division. They have hit a rough spot but are still up by 7 ½ games. This could be Nolan’s year to get a World Series ring.

This quote from the October 9, 1936 issue of the Bartlett Tribune and News still holds importance today:

“The football game last Friday was admittedly a disappointment to local fans. The disappointment felt by the fans, however, was slight compared to the regret experienced by the high school boys because of the poor showing they made in the game against Lexington.

“It would be both unfair and poor sportsmanship, should the people of Bartlett fail to give the high school team their loyal support simply because the team failed to win. To demand victory as the price of support is unfair and shows a lack of loyalty to the home boys.”

This was the only mention of the game in the entire paper!!!!!!!

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