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City Activates Water Rationing

At the Regular Meeting of the Lexington City Council, August 11, 2010, the Council reinstated water rationing rules that were in effect last summer. The rules will take effect August 23, with the south side of town allowed to water outdoors on odd numbered days and on the north side of town watering outdoors on even numbered days. Fifth St. will define the south and north side of town.

Council also heard a report from members of the Lexington EDC regarding their budget and current activities. As reported by the EDC, current efforts are focused on completing the Sports Center at the City Park on Hwy 77. The EDC reported that the soccer field is almost complete in time for the upcoming school year.

Elizabeth Boettcher of the EDC strongly urged the members of the Council as well as the general public to attend their regular meetings, all of which are open to the public.

The Council approved the proposed Inter-Local Agreement between Lexington, Giddings, and Lee County to support the new radio system for the County. This new system is expected to significantly improve communications between local officials, especially the first responders, and to drastically reduce the number of ‘dead’ areas in the County. Approval was unanimous.

The Council also adopted a Resolution for submitting an application for the 2010/2011 Texas Community Development Block Grant to the Texas Department of Rural Affairs. This was approved unanimously.

After considering an Engineering contract for the 2010 Texas Community Development Block Grant, the Council tabled any action pending resolution of some legal issues. This is expected to be discussed again at the next Council meeting.

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