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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

August 2, 2010

A motorist reported cows out on FM 180 approx 6 miles off of Hwy 290. Deputy Lapham was dispatched and was able to remove the cows from the road.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a motorist who stopped at a one vehicle accident on FM 696. The caller was unsure of his location other than he was on FM 696. The driver appeared to have severe injuries. Lexington EMS and B&M ambulance were dispatched along with Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles. The accident was finally located just inside Burleson County. Lee County had already called for a helicopter. Burleson County was notified of the situation.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles were dispatched to CR 330 in Lexington after a resident reported a suspicious truck near his residence. Deputies located the truck and the driver was checked out and released.

A motorist called and reported that he hit a cow on Hwy 21 approx 3 miles East of Hwy 77. Deputy Easley responded and assisted with traffic control until a Trooper from Fayette County arrived.

August 3, 2010

The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a resident at the Westwood Villa Apartments that someone was having a large party and making a lot of noise and no one could sleep. Deputy Ray was dispatched but could not hear any loud noise.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles were dispatched to Westwood Villa to speak to a complainant regarding the possible theft of his car keys. A report was written for lost property.

August 4, 2010

A caller reported a horse running loose on CR 320 approx 2 miles off CR 320. Deputy Carvin responded and ran the horse into a pasture and off the roadway.

While on routine patrol Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles ran across some horses that were out on FM 3403. They were able to run the horses into a pasture at 1999 FM 3403.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident on FM 3403 reporting that someone had broken into her house. Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles investigated the scene. A report was made.

August 5, 2010

Deputy Easley responded to a call on FM 448 after the Sheriff’s Office received a call from Lifeline. A resident requested help and B&M ambulance was dispatched. The patient refused to be transported.

A motorist reported an accident on Hwy 77 North approx 2 miles North of Giddings. Deputy Easley and Deputy Ray worked the accident and a report was taken.

A caller reported that her hay bales were on fire on CR 114. Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched. Deputy Ray advised that 59 bales of hay were burned. Investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles responded to an accident on FM 696 West near CR 307. The driver reported that another vehicle had rear ended his vehicle. A Fayette County trooper was dispatched to work the accident.

A passing motorist reported a red car parked on the outside lane of Hwy 77 just South of Tanglewood. It appeared that an older man was having an argument with a juvenile. Deputy Liles searched Hwy 77 all the way to the Milam County line but was unable to locate the vehicle.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Carvin regarding their juvenile daughter. A report was taken and charges are pending at this time.

August 6, 2010

Deputy York spoke to a complainant that was unhappy because her son left for Austin and had not returned home. Due to her son being an adult and ok, no report was needed.

Sheriff Meyer and Deputy Durrenberger responded to a domestic disturbance call on CR 139. A female called and reported that her boyfriend was mad at her and throwing things at her. Upon arrival, the boyfriend had already left the scene.

A complainant reported a red extended cab Chevrolet truck was traveling on Hwy 77 South and was weaving all over the roadway.

A partial license plate was obtained and given to Deputy Durrenberger who located the vehicle in the 300 block of S. Main St. The driver was identified and advised that he was tired and would pull over and rest.

Several motorists reported several black cows out on CR 226 between the State School and the auction barn. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched but advised dispatch that they were back in a pasture.

A motorist reported a rollover accident on Hwy 21 just west of Manheim. A female was injured and was trying to get out of the vehicle. Deputy Durrenberger assisted Trooper Early at the scene.

August 7, 2010

Deputy York was dispatched to an alarm at a local business on Hwy 290. The key holder was notified. Upon arrival Deputy York advised dispatch that everything was okay and that there were people inside working.

A complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office and spoke to Deputy Crockett about filing charges on her soon to be exhusband for punching her in her face. A statement was taken but the complainant changed her mind at the last minute and decided not to press charges.

August 8, 2010

A wrecker out of Bryan was called out to tow a vehicle that was reported to be broken down on Hwy 21 approx 2-3 miles east of Hwy 290. Upon arrival the wrecker advised that the vehicle had run off the road and had gone through a fence. The driver had requested that the wrecker report the accident but was not sure what county he was in. Deputy Aderhold located the vehicle in Lee County. Trooper Early was dispatched to work the accident.

Deputy Durrenberger spoke to a concerned parent regarding her juvenile daughter receiving threatening text messages on her cell phone. Investigation continues on this case.

Jail Count: 08/08/2010 — 55

Males: 49 Females: 6

In the month of July the Lee County Sheriffs Office investigated 1 Robbery, 2 Assaults, 1 Family Violence Assault, 2 Burglaries, 7 Thefts and 1 Vehicle Theft.



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