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Fayette County Country Music Opry

Colby Sheppard Colby Sheppard The Fayette County Country Music Club will host their monthly Opry on Monday, August 16, 2010 at the KC Hall in La Grange. The show starts at 7:30 P.M. and the doors will open at 5:30 P.M. This month we are featuring:

BRENDON & VENESSA MAK – 10 years old Brendon and 8 years old Venessa Mak have been on stage since the age of 5. Recently, they each won a bronze medal for their age group in The 2010 HMTA Piano Contest. In addition to the instruments, they continue to win talent shows for their singing. Brendon gave a gospel concert tour at several local churches, and taught himself to play the accordion when he was 6. He is currently doing some acting, with his voice being used for a lead character in a cartoon that airs in Germany and Australia. Earlier this year, Venessa participated in her first broadway show. She was privileged to appear in Stafford Centre production of Annie. Both of them maintain high A’s in their school grades, and are active for their school plays and shows. They enjoy performing very much; nothing means more then putting smile on their audiences’ faces. They are so thrilled to be back here again.

CODY HAMILTON & CLINT NYGARD Cody (22) and Clint (17) began playing together at an early age. As brothers they grew up in a musical home, full of old Gospel hymns and classic country and bluegrass music. Cody can play guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and drums, while Clint is the “Ace of Bass”, as well as playing guitar and piano. Both are competent singers and experiment with that good old brother harmony. Pulling together influences that range from Waylon to Elvis, and from Ralph Stanley to the Byrds, they put on a first class show that will surely get your foot tapping and your heart beating. They released an album, “Southern Symphony”, earlier this year. The album contains 10 original songs, written by Cody. The Poolhall Poets breathe new life into classic country, blues, and rock ‘n roll songs that we all know and love.

DENISE STEELE from New Braunfels, Texas has been performing in that area for the past 20 years. At the age of 9, Denise knew what she wanted to be “when she grew up” and so on she went to pursue every avenue possible that put her on a stage with a mic in her hand! A the age of fifteen you could find her on stage every weekend performing with the band Gordon & Candee Land and the Goolaks. From here she went on to be female lead singer for the bands Texxas and Texas Edge. Denise performed two seasons at Fiesta Texas in the “Music Country Music” show where she portrayed the characters of Ma Carter, Loretta Lynn, and Reba McEntire. Eventually she moved to Nashville where she worked with BMG Publishing Company. It was here that she made the decision to be mom first, and then performer and moved back home to Texas to further grow her family! Now 13 years later she is back on the music scene enjoying every opportunity that comes her way to perform what she loves to do and that is sing.

KIRBY JAMES is a native-born Texan and currently resides in Plum. Even though he is a country boy at heart Kirby sings and plays a variety of music ranging from the 40’s and 50’s to Gospel, Love songs and current popular country western songs. At the age of 12, Kirby traded his accordion for the guitar and has been playing and singing for the last 53 years. He has performed at the oprys in Smithville, McDade and several other places around Bastrop, Fayette and Colorado counties.

COLBY SHEPPARD is 8 years old and has been performing at Western Swing Opry’s and Events with many well known artists since the age of 3. Colby started playing the Fiddle and Guitar when he was 4 years old. He will be playing the part of the 10 year old Bob Wills in Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel’s play “A Ride With Bob” on September 17th in Austin Texas.

So be sure to be with us on Monday, August 16, for another great night of entertainment at a low price.

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