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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 26, 2010

Chief Deputy Kothmann was dispatched to CR 1624 to put up cattle that were out on the roadway. The cows were run off into a pasture.

A motorist reported several cows out n FM 112 approx 3 miles out of Lexington. Deputy Easley responded and advised that the owner was on site and removed the cattle from the road.

Deputy Ray responded to a call on CR 219 after a caller reported a tree had fallen and was across the roadway. Commissioner Hartfield was notified.

July 27, 2010

Several motorists reported that a vehicle was disabled on Hwy 290 West near CR 200. Deputy Easley was dispatched and advised that the vehicle had a flat tire and the driver was in the process of changing it.

July 28, 2010

Captain Gonzales received a call regarding approx 15 black Angus cows that were out on FM 180 @ CR 125.

A complainant reported that she had left her 5th wheel trailer on some property on CR A with the land owner’s permission. The trailer has been there for 2 years. She received a call that the land owner was going through her property that was loaded on the trailer. Deputy Ray spoke to the complainant and gave her some options.

The Sheriff’s Office received a residential alarm call in Lexington. Deputy Ray responded and reported to dispatch that the key holder was on site and had accidentally set off the alarm. Everything was okay.

July 29, 2010

A truck driver called and reported approx 15 head of cattle on CR 121 near FM 141. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to remove them from the roadway.

The Sheriff’s Office received several 9-1-1 calls in reference to a vehicle that had run off the road way on Hwy 77 approx ½ mile north of Hwy 21. One subject was said to have been penned inside the vehicle. Deputy Aderhold responded to the scene to assist with traffic control.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to CR 326 after a caller reported that someone had stolen his flag for the second time. A report was taken and investigation continues.

Deputy Durrenberger received a call from a subject on CR 348 in Lexington who stated that her husband was on the floor and could not get up. He was not injured, just needed assistance getting him up.

A caller reported that someone was being assaulted behind the green house on Stayton Ave @ FM 141 in Dime Box. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Aderhold responded. After arriving on scene and speaking to the complainant, the call was unfounded.

July 30, 2010

Deputy Aderhold responded to a call on Hwy 290 West near the rodeo arena. A motorist reported that a vehicle had run off the highway. The driver was given a blue form and released.

A caller reported that she had called and was talking to her young children who were at their father’s house. Her ex-husband began yelling and hung up the phone. The mother requested that a deputy goes by and checks to make sure her children are okay. Deputy Aderhold was assigned to the call.

A motorist reported a reckless driver on Hwy 21 East. The vehicle was said to be an older model white extended cab Dodge truck with a tool box in the back. The truck had been swerving all over the roadway and speeding. Deputy Durrenberger located a vehicle matching the description given at Blue Moon. No one was around the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a nurse at a hospital reporting that a 6 month old child was taken into the emergency room and had been reportedly assaulted by the father. Deputy Carvin spoke to the mother and a report was taken. Investigation continues on this case.

July 31, 2010

Washington County called and reported that two subjects were in the Brenham Hospital that had a car accident on FM 180. Deputy Aderhold responded to the call and a report was taken.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to check on two young males that were walking along Hwy 77 in Lexington. The subjects were located and identified and released.

A caller reported that a small black car was parked at the dead end on CR 140 near Newman’s bottom. Chief Deputy Kothmann advised dispatch that he had stopped and talked to the occupants and they were fishing.

A motorist reported that a dark gray Chevrolet mid-sized car was driving all over the roadway on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Durrenberger located the vehicle at Bucees. The driver was tired and was stopping to rest.

Deputy Easley and Deputy Durrenberger assisted Trooper Weiser at the scene of an accident on Hwy 290 West at CR 201.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 hang up call from FM 3403. When the dispatcher attempted to make contact no one answered. Deputy Easley was dispatched to check for an emergency at the residence. It was determined that children were playing on the phone.

A resident reported that there was a black Dodge truck pulling a red trailer pulled over on CR 118 near the bridge. The vehicle had not been seen in the area before. Deputy Durrenberger located the vehicle on CR 118 near the Sun Valley Mobile Home Park. The driver was identified and advised that he owns property in the area.

A caller reported that someone was shooting in the neighborhood on CR 426 and they were concerned that they were shooting towards their residence. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Durrenberger located the subject shooting the guns. He had outstanding warrants out of Brazos County and was in possession of 3 firearms. The subjected was arrested and booked into jail.

A subject reported that a white van pulled into Commercial Electric and shortly after a silver car pulled onto the private road and is driving up and down the roadway. Deputy Easley located the silver car and spoke to the driver who advised that she had turned down the wrong private road and was going to her boyfriend’s house.

August 1, 2010

Deputy Easley and Deputy Ray were dispatched to a disturbance on CR 133. A caller advised that a subject was at her residence causing problems. The subject causing problems was located. Deputies checked subject through the TCIC/NCIC computer and showed to have outstanding warrants out of Travis County. Subject was arrested and booked into Lee County Jail.

A caller reported that two male subjects were driving a golf cart and turned it over on CR 317. One subject had a cut on his head. Deputy Ray responded to the call and advised dispatch to send EMS.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles were dispatched to a burglary of a residence on CR B in Blue. A report was made and the investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that she had a fire in her kitchen on CR 107. Deputy Crockett responded along with the Lincoln Fire Department.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Crockett were dispatched to a disturbance on PR 1148. The caller reported that her ex-boyfriend was at her house to pick up his personal property and was causing problems.

Deputy Lapham, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Liles assisted Phillips & Luckey on a funeral escort to Friendship Cemetery in Paige.


Jail Count: 08/01/2010 — 52

Males: 45 Females: 7

In the month of June the Lee County Dispatchers received 258 calls for service; the Lee County Jail had 1197 inmate jail days in population and 71 inmate jail days in holding. Good luck to all the Lee County athletes as they start their two a day work outs.


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