2010-08-05 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

The high school sports seasons are back in force, having started Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. Most of the athletes haven’t been up that early all summer long unless they have a job. They will energetically do things the coaches ask that brings some resistance at home.

I was handed some research that Stanley Miller had done on the internet. He had articles from the Bartlett newspaper dating from 1933 when Lexington won its first football title up to 1966 about Bartlett contests with Lexington and Thorndale. I have only had a chance to scan the articles but there are quite a few Lexington athletes named in the articles. The paper refers to Amos Quinney’s “chicken” game as a monumental upset by Lexington. I will write more about the articles after I have time to read and summarize them.

We write about football and volleyball, but the cross country athletes are beginning to be seen jogging around town and on the roads. If you see the runners in your area, please be careful when driving. They work hard in their sport and need our support also.

After seeing the progress on the installation of the artificial turf at Giddings, I think they may have it ready for the first scrimmage. It sure is green with black end zones. It will be an extremely hot surface for any daytime activities in August and early September. Temperatures on the surface of the field could reach 140°.

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