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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

CR 326’s first turn out of town has not changed. Aside from the new signage, it can still be navigated at 30mph safely by a good driver. The 15mph sign recently posted has to be to warn folks they better not take the turn wide. God help the poor soul who tips a tire a smidgeon off the pavement. They will crash down a perilous eye-popping concrete drop-off quicker than children on a Slip-n-Slide. A wing and a prayer are all to help that poor soul avoid meeting their maker right there in the ditch.

The signs needed now are CAUTION; PRECIPICE. RAIL MISSING; APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Imagine a novice bicyclist approaching the curve. A car is coming up from behind. A vehicle is heading into town around the same curve. The washboard surface and a rain shower with an absent-minded driver complete the recipe for mind-boggling tragedy.

Is the city not able to return our country road to one that follows the land’s contours like other county roads? If CR326 is beyond reversal to its pre-Christmas 2009 condition when a little new asphalt seemed all that was needed, then who will fill, rail, pave, and sign it to make it safe and sane again for the drivers of our county roads? Who really thought water could drain uphill?

Sincerely, Abigail Chance

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