2010-07-22 / Sports

Sports Thoughts……

by Mike Organ

Isn’t it great that an unknown won the British Open? Tiger and Phil are great golfers, but when someone like Oosthuizen wins, it keeps the dream alive for everyone.

The Texas Rangers keep moving upward while the Astros move in the opposite direction. When will both teams make the playoffs? Will the Astros ever make them again or will it not happen until they rebuild their farm program? It could take Houston 5 to 10 years to become a contender again.

Football season is right around the corner. The Cowboys open their training camp in San Antonio this weekend. Next week there will be a notice in the paper as to when the local teams can pick up their equipment to get ready for August 2nd workouts. It is going to be hot and exciting at the same time.

Got a call last week that Arthur Behrend, former Lady Eagle softball coach, has been selected for the LaGrange softball coaching position. Congratulations to him.

I went by the gym last week to talk to Coach Muhl. There were several young, aspiring Eagles working out very diligently so they can put their best forward when trying to earn playing time. There were both football and volleyball athletes in attendance.

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