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Sheriff’s Report

July 12, 2010

Several motorists reported that a horse was running loose on Hwy 290 West near the bowling alley. Deputy Crockett was dispatched but advised dispatch that the horse had already been removed from the roadway.

Deputy Easley spoke to a complainant regarding telephone harassment. It was unknown who was actually making the calls. A report was taken.

A resident on CR 109 reported a red Ford Explorer that was driving very slowly around the area. Deputy Aderhold was given the description of the vehicle and the license plate. The vehicle was not located anywhere in the area.

July 13, 2010

A motorist called and reported that he had run off the roadway on Hwy 21 and struck a tree. The driver reported that he was not injured. Deputy Easley and Deputy Aderhold stood by until a Trooper arrived on scene.

A small grass fire was reported on Hwy 77 approx 3 miles North of Lexington. A civil dispute broke out between the property owner and the reporting party. Deputy Lapham stood by until the matter was resolved peacefully.

A caller reported that a green car was backed up on a gravel driveway near an oil well entrance on CR 133. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray were given a description of the vehicle. They were able to locate the vehicle on Hwy 290 @ Harris St. The occupants were identified and released and told not to be pulling into driveways.

July 14, 2010

Deputy Ray spoke to a complainant regarding her juvenile daughter that had run away from home. An information report was made but the complainant was referred to the police department.

A resident on Hwy 77 North requested that a deputy meet with him on his property regarding some property that he located on his place. Deputy Lapham responded and reported that a bag of items had been located that apparently belonged to a transient.

A caller reported that a white Ford truck had been driving slowly up and down CR 205. The license plate was given to Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger. The area was searched but the vehicle was no longer in the area. A close patrol of the area will be put into effect.

July 15, 2010

A resident reported that he believed someone was on his property and that his dogs had run them off on CR 232. Deputy Ray conducted a search of the property and did not locate anyone.

Deputy Durrenberger responded to CR A in Lexington after a caller requested a civil stand by while she changed the locks on her gate.

A caller reported that a late 80’s model white GMC conversion van was driving up and down CR 215 and had pulled into a neighbor’s property and then left heading towards Winchester. Deputy Carvin was assigned to the call and located the vehicle on FM 448 near the Northrup Store. The occupants were census workers and would be in the area.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger were advised that a small car that was traveling westbound was driving in the eastbound traffic lanes. The vehicle had turned off the highway.

July 16, 2010

A resident on CR 101 requested a deputy check out a gray Chevrolet truck that was near her residence. She advised that the driver was talking on his cell phone. Deputy Lapham responded but advised dispatch that the vehicle had left prior to his arrival.

A complainant reported that her ex-husband had been calling and harassing her. He had also left threatening messages on her voicemail. Deputy Easley is currently working on the case.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Aderhold spoke to a complaint regarding a male subject who she claims assaulted her children. A report was taken.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a residence in Dime Box. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Easley responded and searched the premises. The key holder was notified.

A caller reported that he was having a very hard time, emotionally and mentally and stated that he wanted to go to the state hospital. Deputy Ray and Deputy Aderhold located the subject and advised that he was depressed but not suicidal.

July 17, 2010

Deputy Aderhold and Deputy Ray assisted a complainant at Shady Oaks. The subject advised he had been assaulted by someone at the Sun Valley Mobile Home Park. They were advised to make their report with the police department since the assault occurred inside the city.

A resident on CR A in Lexington reported a suspicious vehicle at a neighbor’s house. The vehicle description was given to Deputy Lapham who was able to locate the vehicle. The driver had permission to be on the property.

Deputy York spoke to the owner of K&C regarding a possible theft. An information report was taken and charges may be filed later this week.

A resident on CR 101 reported that a dark gray single cab Chevrolet truck had pulled into her driveway and just sat there. When she walked out to see what he wanted the vehicle sped off. Deputy Carvin searched the area but did not locate any vehicle matching the vehicle description. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

July 18, 2010

Deputy York was dispatched to a residence on CR 125 after a caller reported that someone had entered his barn without his permission. A report was made and investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Liles were unable to locate a suspicious Gold Yukon on Cr 205.

Deputy York assisted Trooper Weiser at an Accident on Highway 21, near Dime Box.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to a Motorist assist in the Sub- Way parking lot.

A request was made for a civil standby, Deputy Easley responded to the call.

Deputy Aderhold assisted Trooper Early at an accident scene where one vehicle ran off the road and hit a tree.

JAIL REPORT Jail Count: 07/18/2010: 45

Males: 40 Females: 5

The week of July 25, I will be attending the 132nd Annual Training Conference. Some of the topics will include the Prisoner Rape Elimination Act, TABC updates, a program by the Border Sheriffs and numerous other topics. Several arrest were made in the Dime Box Robbery


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